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HiWi / Student assistant wanted

PD Dr M. Griesser (AG Couzin) is looking for a student assistant to extract data from the literature.

We are seeking an independent, motivated student assistant to help our research on the evolution of cooperation and life histories.

  • Tasks: The work will consist of extracting data from the literature (online handbooks https://birdsoftheworld.org/bow/home and handbooks). We will use these data for two projects to look at the drivers of cooperative breeding as well as of juvenile survival in birds.
  • Requirements: Previous experience in collecting data from the literature is beneficial, but not required.
  • Hours: The student should start as soon as possible. The contract will be for 120 hours in total, either in a full-time block, or in a flexible amount of time in the upcoming months.

There is the possibility to continue with a Bachelor’s or Master’s project!