HiWis for lab work...

...with the Griesser lab (AG Couzin) & Dr. Hanja Brandl. We are looking for 1-2 motivated students to help us with hormonal analyses.

Our project investigates the effect of the stress hormone corticosterone on social relationships in Siberian jays, a family group living corvid bird.

We will need help to sort the feathers, extract corticosterone from blood plasma and feathers, as well as running the hormonal analysis using an ELISA kit. Some experience in using pipettes is needed, as the work requires high precision. We will provide the training for the extraction and hormone analysis protocols.

  • Preferably 38h for 2 or 4 months (negotiable)
  • Any time from April to July 2022
  • ­Prerequisite: pipetting skills

There is the possibility to continue with a Bachelor or Master project involving fieldwork in Swedish Lapland.

Interested? Please contact: hanja.brandl@uni-konstanz.de & saverio.lubrano@uni-konstanz.de (Z805)

For a documentary about our previous research, see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaH6wjAYAiE