Master thesis on genetic relatedness in Red fox...

...and how it relates to movement patterns.

The Landwirtschaftliche Zentrum für Rinderhaltung, Grünlandwirtschaft, Milchwirtschaft, Wild und Fischerei Baden-Württemberg (LAZBW) has a vacancy for the following position in the Department 42 - Wildlife Research Centre of the State of Baden-Württemberg (WFS) - for a Master thesis in the framework of the project "Genetic and kinship influences on the spatio-temporal behaviour of red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) taking into account behavioural and biological effects."

The LAZBW is a state institute with 200 employees including approx. 25 trainees.
of the Ministry of Food, Rural Areas and Consumer Protection (MLR) in Baden-Württemberg. (MLR) Baden-Württemberg at the sites in Aulendorf, Wangen and Langenargen. The Wildlife Research Centre (Wildforschungsstelle, WFS) of the State of Baden-Württemberg investigates current issues in wildlife research and conducts research on wildlife.

The Master's thesis is integrated into the above-mentioned project. During the Master thesis existing genetic data, which have been analysed by means of SNP-analysis in the SeqIT laboratory in Kaiserslautern will be analysed. The focus will be on the genetic relatedness among fox individuals and how these connections influence the behavioural pattern of the foxes.

To this end, the genetic data will be linked with space-time data from red foxes.
The master thesis will be conducted in the "Sociality & Evolution" lab (Uni Konstanz) and will be supervised by its Dr. Gisela Kopp. During the Master's thesis period, a stay at the WFS is possible in order to help with the field work and to gain an insight into wildlife monitoring. In addition, a workplace with Dr Gisela Kopp at the University of Konstanz is available. Genetic and space-time data are already available from last year and this year and can be supplemented by data collected during the Master's thesis.

Your profile:
Enrolment in a Master's degree programme in the natural sciences (e.g. life science, biology)

  • Independent, self-reliant and reliable working style
  • Basic knowledge of the statistical software R would be an advantage
  • Experience in statistical evaluation and analysis of genetic data is desirable.

Time schedule:
Start from January 2023 with a duration of at least six months. The place of employment can be chosen flexibly either in Konstanz or in Aulendorf. For the duration of the Master's thesis, it is possible to arrange a guest room at the LAZBW.

For further information, please contact
Felicitas Oehler, Tel.: 07525 - 942 - 348, Email:
Dr. Gisela Kopp, Tel.: 07531-88 - 5657, Email:

Please send us your application (certificate of enrolment, letter of motivation and curriculum vitae) as well as your availability and desired place of work via email to with the keyword "Master thesis Rotfuchs". The application deadline is 30.12.2022.
We look forward to receiving your application!