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Short-term HIWI in Sweden wanted - AG Griesser (Couzin)

Do you want to combine a short travel to Sweden with lab work? Then this task might be yours!

We are seeking a student assistant, experienced with lab work, to help our research on the evolution of cooperation among unrelated individuals.

We are cooperating with a lab in Uppsala, Sweden, in order to extract sexing and kinship data from blood samples of Siberian jays. This will allow us to get a fine-scaled picture on the relatedness between individuals.

  • Task: For two weeks, you would be working in a lab in Uppsala (Swedish Agricultural University), supervised by our collaborator. Accommodation and travel costs will be covered, and you would be paid per Hiwi contract (~80 hours).
  • When: Your trip will happen in April, but we need to get in touch with you as soon as possible, to organize everything.
  • Contact: michael.griesser@uni-konstanz.de (ZT 1022)