Teaching Assistants (Tutors)

The FB Biology is recruiting teaching assistants (Tutors) for lectures and practical classes in Bachelor Biological Sciences and Life Sciences

Communicating knowledge is essential in research, science and beyond. At the University of Konstanz, tutors are an essential part of our teaching by supporting lecturer and fostering highly interactive teaching. We are recruiting students from all levels of experience. Tutors are supported by specific training for the classes and obtain teaching qualification by experience and training opportunities from the University:


Currently, we are looking for Teaching Assistants for the following classes:

Form and Function in the Animal Kingdom

1st Semester, ODT Tutorium

further information: christoph.kleineidam@uni-konstanz.de

Basic Skills for Biology

1st Semester, Zellbiologisch-histologisch-mikroskopischer Kurs

further information: michael.laumann@uni-konstanz.de

Cellular and Organismal Zoology

3rd Semester, Zoologischer Kurs

further information: christoph.kleineidam@uni-konstanz.de

CC Animal Physiology

5th Semester, Kompaktkurs Tierphysiologie

further information: christoph.kleineidam@uni-konstanz.de

For a HiWi position no extra qualification is required.

If you are interested, easily apply for a HIWI position by sending an email to:

sekretariat.neurobiologie@uni-konstanz.de (subject: Teaching HIWI)

Please indicate in which of the courses you would like to contribute as teaching assistant!