German Society for Microscopy and Image Analysis founded

Since end of April 2017 „German BioImaging – Gesellschaft für Mikroskopie und Bildanalyse“ (GerBI-GMB) exists. The association headed by Prof. Elisa May is the interest group of scientists, experts and core facilities, working in Germany on microscopy and image analysis in the life sciences.

The non profit association will represent the microscopy and microscopy related computer aided image analysis community. Processing and quantifying of image data, partly involving big data schemes, is essential  for the modern image based biological research.

To this end, the German Bioimaging network in the last two years has established close connections to the respective scientific communituies. Furthermore, the assciation registered in Konstanz where also its secreteriat is located, promotes the dialog with the public on microscopy and image analysis topics.

More detailed information on GerBi-GMB can be found in the official press release (in German) of the University Konstanz.