BIC User Macros

[Tiago] Line Aprox

The Line Approximation Macro automatically identifies and tracks a line object with an increased fluorescence intensity in a series of images. For each image the fluorescence intensity is measured and a plot is created. The macro has been used to track XPC enrichment to DNA damage sites induced by laser irradiation (Dantas T.J., et al., 2013).


The macro works on time series which contain a brighter object for segmentation and a bright line within that object. For each frame the segmentation and the line objects are tracked and their mean intensities are measured. The user is asked to select the ROI which contains the object of interest in the channel to be evaluated. In the result file the intensities for each frame and their ratio are given.

[Tiago] Line Aprox Options

  • Gaussian Radius: Defines the radius for the noise reduction.
  • Minimum / Maximum line area: Defines the limits for the area of the line object.
  • Maximum Minor Line Axis: Defines the maximal width of the line.
  • Maximum Slice: Number of slices to be analyzed.
DT40 cell with DNA damage induced by laser irradiation Left: Original image (Overlay of fluorescence and brightfield images) Right: Tracking of nucleus and irradiated line