Zeiss AxioZoom.V16

Zoom fluorescence microscope with 16x zoom optics offering an adjustable field of view and depth of field. The very large field of view allows for imaging of whole large specimen.

Detailed Description

  • Multichannel fluorescence microscopy
  • Whole specimen imaging
  • Transmitted and reflected light microscopy
  •  Bright & Dark field Microscopy
  • Preparative microscopy

  •  1.0x/0.25 PlanNeofluar Z (Air) Free Working Distance 56 mm
  •  2.3x/0.57 PlanNeofluar Z (Air) Free Working Distance 10.6 mm


Zeiss Axiocam 503 mono


  • DAPI
  • FITC
  •  Rhodamine
  • Cy5


  • Reflected light  (external source)
  • Transmitted light

Contrast options

  • Bright field
  • Dark field
  • Oblique transmitted light


4.1 €/h

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