Introduction for new BIC users

The Bioimaging Center (BIC) offers a variety of services to its users. Whether you are interested to get an introduction to one of our microscopes, have samples which you want to have imaged by our staff, need feedback on your project involving light microscopy or require assistance in analysing your images, you are always welcome to arrange a project consultation meeting. It doesn't matter whether you already have an account for the PPMS scheduling database at ANY of the following Core Facilities at the University Konstanz (BIC, EMC, FlowKon, Nanolab), arranging a meeting is simple.

If you don't have a PPMS account yet, please do the two following steps (see the screenshot below):


  • Submit an account creation request on the BIC PPMS webpage.
  • Fill in the necessary details in the form and submit it.


  • Use While your request is awaiting validation to request the creation of a new project
  • Choose Project consultation request
  • Submit the filled form

If you already have a PPMS account

  • Use your account to log in at the BIC PPMS webpage
  • Make a new request request/start a new project
  • On the next page choose Project consultation request
  • Submit the filled form