Zeiss CellObserver HS (Spinning Disk)

The Zeiss CellObserver is a fully motorized widefield fluorescence microscope enclosed in a full incubator to enable time lapse experiments of live samples spanning several hours or even days. The Spinning Disk system provides fast confocal acquisition of images while reducing phototoxicity.

Detailed Description

  • Four colour fluorescence and DIC imaging
  • Fast confocal live cell imaging
  • Long multiposition time lapses
  • Fast z-stacks

  • 10x/0.30 EC-PlanNeofluar (Air)
  • 20x/0.80 PlanApochromat (Water)
  • 40x/0.60 LD-PlanNeofluar Ph2 (Air)
  •  63x/1.40 PlanApochromat (Oil)

  • 405 nm (Diode)
  • 488 nm (OPSL)
  • 561 nm (Diode)

Spinning Disk Unit

Yokogawa CSU-X1


Photometrics EVOLVE 512


Zeiss Axiocam MRm


  • DAPI
  • FITC
  •  Rhodamine
  •  Cy5


6.4 €/h

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