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Professor Dr Martin Wikelski

ICARUS launched into outer space

Space module ICARUS of the University of Konstanz and the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology (Radolfzell) on its way to the International Space Station ISS

Festkolloquium zum 50. Promotionsjubiläum von Max von Tilzer

Festkolloquium zum 50. Promotionsjubiläum von Max von Tilzer

in der Musikschule Konstanz, Benediktinerplatz 6,
am 27. Oktober 2017, ab 14:00 Uhr

 Marion von Tilzer: Little Story about Love
Prof. Dr. Alexander Bürkle, Dekan der Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftlichen
Sektion der Universität Konstanz
Einführung und Begrüßung
Johannes Brahms: Abendregen, nach Gottfried Keller, op. 70 / 4

Prof. Dr. Meinhard Simon, ICBM, Universität Oldenburg:
Von den Bakterien des Bodensees zu den Bakterien der…

Ariel view of the University Konstanz

Headed for excellence

Three of the University of Konstanz’s cluster initiatives enter the next round of the German Excellence Strategy competition

Chemical biology summit

Nobel Prize laureates at the "International Symposium on Bioorganic Chemistry" (ISBOC-11) at the University of Konstanz

Microscoping with the "Maus"

[Only available in German] Working with "Die Sendung mit der Maus" to introduce schoolchildren and their families to the world of very small and invisible things, the University of Konstanz's "Bioimaging Center" (BIC) opens its doors

Just like in Star Trek

Biologists are making it possible to carry out new experiments in virtual reality - A team of researchers led by Professor Iain Couzin at the University of Konstanz contributes to solving a fundamental problem in current research on collective behaviour

Shimmering schools of fish

The secrets of swarm intelligence

On the trail of collective behaviour: In a new and fascinating video, Professor Iain Couzin and his colleagues highlight the methods that they are using to unlock the secrets behind collective animal behaviour.

Electron microscopic reconstruction of individual brain nerve cells

Mapping the brain

Researchers from the University of Konstanz contribute in constructing the first circuit map of a brain’s learning and memory centre