Poster Awards for Troung San Phan, Verena Merk and Katharina Ückert

19.07.2019 The second Poster Session of the Graduate School of Biological Sciences took place on the 19th of July 2019 at the lakeside of the University of Konstanz and was combined with the departmental summer barbeque. Ten PhD students presented their posters with topics ranging from ecology to plant physiology, pharmacology and immunology, covering all research areas of the Department of Biology. Truong San Phan (Brunner Group) won the first price for his poster with the title „Keratinocytes control immune homeostasis in the skin through de novo synthesized glucocorticoids”; Verena Merk (Brunner Group) with her poster “Extra-adrenal glucocorticoid synthesis in the lung“ and Anna-Katharina Ückert (Leist Group) with her poster “Characterization of dopamine trafficking in mature human neurons“ achieved the second and third prize, respectively. The poster prizes were sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim.



Copyright: BioLAGO e.V. | The award winners Tamara Schuhmacher (University of Konstanz), Wei Ding (Max Planck Institute Tübingen / PathoVis) and Alvaro Cristobal Sarramian (Leitat Technology Center in Barcelona) with the expert jury, consisting of the BioLAGO board members Jörg Schickedanz, Klaus Schäfer and Michael Steinwand as well as Heike Brandstädter, Managing Director of the Graduate School Chemical Biology (University of Konstanz).

Poster Prize for Tamara Schuhmacher

06.12.2018 At the international conference "Diagnostics-4-Future", 160 companies, physicians and scientists from eight countries came together in Konstanz at the invitation of the BioLAGO in Konstanz to discuss new research results and products for diagnostics. The conference honored young researchers for innovative ideas. The winner was Tamara Schuhmacher (Hauck group) of the University of Konstanz for new findings on hospital germs.

Poster Awards

23.07.2018 Twelve posters were presented at the 1st Poster Session of the Graduate School Biological Sciences, on 18 July 2018 at the University of Konstanz. Lachlan Dow (Kroth Group) achieved the first price for his poster with the title: "Caught on Film: Diatom - Bacteria Interactions in Lake Constance Biofilms", Andrea Bueno Garcia`s (Simon Group) poster with the title: "Competition for N between native trees and an introduced grass in the subtropics" was honoured with the second price, and Anna-Katharina Holzer (Leist Group) achieved the third price for her poster with the titel: "Generation of human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived sensory neurons for toxicity testing".


Biologist from Konstanz, Professor Axel Meyer, receives the Luigi-Tartufari International Prize from the Italian National Academy

20.06.2018 Axel Meyer is one of the world's leading and most widely cited experts in the field of evolutionary biology. He disproved textbook dogmas that had been thought to be valid for several decades and was one of the pioneers in using genetic data in evolutionary biology. By collecting empirical data, Axel Meyer's laboratory team questioned the doctrine that geographical barriers are the prerequisite for the origin of new species. Carrying out research in the crater lakes in Nicaragua, he was also able to demonstrate that the evolution in certain types of fish repeated itself independently from each other. For this research project Axel Meyer received an ERC Advanced Grant from the European Research Council (ERC) amounting to funding of 2.5 million euros. Pressemitteilung


Konstanz biologist PD Dr Judy Simon becomes a Heisenberg fellow

20.06.2017 The German Research Foundation (DFG) has awarded the renowned Heisenberg fellowship to PD Dr. Judy Simon, head of the research team "Plant Interactions Ecophysiology" at the University of Konstanz. Starting this May, the research project "Woody Plants – Interactions and Resource Allocation Strategies" will receive funding totalling around 500,000 euros. Press release


Lush Prize für Prof. Dr. Marcel Leist 

14.11.2016 Für die Erforschung und Entwicklung von Chemikalientests, die ohne Tierversuche auskommen und präzisere Ergebnisse als Tierversuche liefern, wurden Biologen der Universität Konstanz gleich zweifach mit dem Lush Prize 2016 ausgezeichnet: Prof Dr. Marcel Leist, Professor für In-Vitro-Toxikologie und Biomedizin an der Universität Konstanz, erhält den Lush Prize in der Kategorie „Forschung“. Die Doktorandin Giorgia Pallocca, Mitarbeiterin in der Arbeitsgruppe von Marcel Leist, wird in der Kategorie „Nachwuchsforscher“ mit dem Lush Prize ausgezeichnet. Pressemitteilung

LUKS-Preis: Martin Scheffner and Valentin Wittmann

21.10.2016 One Principal Investigators of GBS were awarded at this year’s Dies Academicus with a prize given by the students of the University of Konstanz for outstanding teaching (LUKS). The students of the department of Biology awarded Martin Scheffner, from the department of Chemistry the prize goes to Valentin Wittmann.

Max Planck Research Grant for International Cooperation 2016 for Prof. Dr. Martin Wikelski

28.07.2016 The prize promotes one researcher working in Germany or abroad who specialises in a particularly promising research field. They should already be internationally recognised researchers and give reason to expect further international research collaborations. Prof. Dr. Martin Wikelski was awarded for "Pioneering research into the sensory perception of organisms" with the Max Planck Research Grant for International Cooperation 2016.


Funding by the Emmy Noether Programme for Prof. Dr. Florian Stengel

22.12.2015 The Emmy Noether Programme of the German Research Foundation (DFG) enables outstanding early career researchers to qualify for a full university prfessorship by leading an early career research group for a period of six years. Read more...

Marcel Leist: Animal Welfare Prize appreciates Research on substitutes for animal testing

25.09.2015 The group of Marcel Leist was honoured with the “Tierschutzforschungspreis 2015” by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture of Germany. The award was presented in Berlin.  Press release

Daniel Summerer mit dem Förderpreis der Hellmut Bredereck-Stiftung ausgezeichnet

14.09.2015 Prof. Dr. Daniel Summerer wurde beim „Wissenschaftsforum Chemie 2015“ in Dresden mit dem Förderpreis der Hellmut Bredereck-Stiftung geehrt. Er erhält den mit 2.000 Euro dotierten Preis für seine hervorragenden Leistungen auf dem Gebiet der bioorganischen Chemie. Pressemitteilung

Poster Prize for Yan Li

15.05.2015 Yan Li (van Kleunen Group) got the Poster Prize for her poster with the title: "Is advantage of hybridization of invasive species maintained across multiple generations?" presented at the 28th Conference of the Plant Population Biology Section (PopBio) of the Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland (GfÖ) in Tübingen, Germany from 14 to 16 May 2015.


Marcel Leist is being awarded the 2015 SOT Enhancement of Animal Welfare Award

09.12.2014 This award honours a SOT member for contributions made to the advancement of toxicological science through the development and application of methods that replace, refine, or reduce the need for experimental animals.

LUKS-Preis: Martin Scheffner and Helmut Cölfen

17.10.2014 One Principal Investigators of GBS were awarded at this year’s Dies Academicus with a prize given by the students of the University of Konstanz for outstanding teaching, known as LUKS-Preis. The students of the department of Biology awarded Martin Scheffner, from the department of Chemistry the prize goes to Helmut Cölfen.


Marcel Leist receives Felix Wankel Animal Welfare Award

12.04.2013 For his work on alternative methods to animal testing the toxicologist Prof. Dr. Marcel Leist received the € 15,000 Felix Wankel Animal Welfare Research award. In his research and with his social commitment, Professor Leist promotes the development of alternative methods to animal experiments in Safety testing of chemicals for years. The award was presented on 11 April 2013 in Munich. Press release


Internationales Forschungsteam um Prof. Dr. Elke Deuerling erhält renommierte Förderung

11.04.2012 Die Konstanzer Molekularbiologin Prof. Dr. Elke Deuerling erhält von der „Human Frontier Science Program Organization“ (HFSPO) bereits zum zweiten Mal Fördergelder. Pressemitteilung

Prof. Axel Meyer, Ph.D., von der Universität Konstanz erhält Hector Wissenschaftspreis 2012

03.02.2012 Herr Prof. Axel Meyer, Ph.D., wurde mit dem Hector Wissenschaftspreis ausgezeichnet, der mit einem Preisgeld in Höhe von 150.000 Euro dotiert ist. Die Preisverleihung im Hotel Europäischer Hof in Heidelberg wurde außerdem vom Rektor der Universität Konstanz, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Rüdiger, genutzt, um Dr. h.c. Hans-Werner Hector die Ehrensenatorwürde der Universität Konstanz zu verleihen. Pressemitteilung


Prof. Axel Meyer erhält für seine Forschung zur parallelen Evolution bei Fischen in Nicaragua einen ERC Advanced Grant

03.11.2011 Der Konstanzer Biologe Prof. Axel Meyer erhält für seine Forschung zur parallelen Evolution bei Fischen in Nicaragua einen ERC Advanced Grant. Die Kraterseen in Nicaragua werden in den kommenden fünf Jahren noch intensiver in den Fokus von Prof. Axel Meyer, Ph.D., rücken. Der Zoologe und Evolutionsbiologe an der Universität Konstanz erhält für seine Forschung zur Genomik und Ökologie paralleler Evolution einen der begehrten ERC Advanced Grants des European Research Council (ERC) und damit 2,5 Millionen Euro. Pressemitteilung

Auszeichnung für Konstanzer Forschung zum Alterungsprozess Prof. Dr. Alexander Bürkle erhält den GT-Toxicology-Preis für seine Forschung zur DNA-Reparatur

01.04.2011 Für seine Forschungsarbeit an den Mechanismen der DNA-Reparatur wurde der Konstanzer Biomediziner Prof. Dr. Alexander Bürkle von der Gesellschaft für Toxikologie und der Zeitschrift „Toxikologie“ mit dem GT-Toxicology-Preis ausgezeichnet. Alexander Bürkle, Professor für Molekulare Toxikologie im Fachbereich Biologie der Universität Konstanz, erforscht die Zusammenhänge zwischen den Funktionen der Erbgut-Reparatur und dem Alterungsprozess sowie der Krebsentstehung. „Ich freue mich sehr über die Ehre und die Anerkennung für unsere Forschungsgruppe“, bedankt sich Alexander Bürkle. Pressemitteilung

Janssen-Preis für Dermatologie/Immunologie: Marcus Groettrup

28.03.2011 Prof. Dr. Marcus Groettrup, Vorsitzender der Institutsleitung des Biotechnologie-Instituts Thurgau, wird für seine Grundlagenarbeit an einem Heilmittel gegen Rheuma und Multiple Sklerose ausgezeichnet. Pressemitteilung

Die Preisträger Professor Alexander Bürkle (l.) und Dr. Maria Moreno-Villanueva mit dem Vorsitzenden der Senatskommission Gerhard Heldmaier (h.) und DFG-Präsident Matthias Kleiner (r.) © DFG / Fotograf David Ausserhofer

Ursula M. Händel Prize for Prof. Dr. Alexander Bürkle

24.01.2011 The Ursula M. Händel-Prize recognises scientists who have made exemplary and sustained efforts to improve the welfare of animals in research. The prizewinners from Konstanz, Maria Moreno-Villanueva and Alexander Bürkle, examine genotoxicity, which is the altering effect of chemical substances on the genetic material of cells. Previously, this would require large quantities of serum obtained from bovine foetuses. In contrast, the prizewinning method injects into the cells a dye that fluoresces in varying ways depending on the effect of the substance being tested.


LBS Environment Award for Dr. Stefan Schildknecht

Axel Herguth (physics) and Dr. Stefan Schildknecht (biology) share the 2009 Environment Award. Dr. Stefan Schildknecht was honoured for his work on the identification of environmental pollutants using cell-based test systems.


LBS Environment Award for Dr. Hilmar Hofmann

The LBS Environment Award 2008 went to Dr Hilmar Hofmann for his limnology research project “Surface waves and their ecological consequences”. He examined the typical properties of surface waves caused by wind and human influence and observed their influence on the shallow water zone of Lake Constance (Litoral).