Priority Track: Ecology, Evolution & Behavior

Pre-tailored curriculum combining courses with a focus on ecology, evolution and behavior


Understanding Biology requires the integration of expert knowledge from different disciplines and fields of research. Only then, the behavior of animals, the interrelations of organisms, the underlying mechanisms and ultimate causations can be understood in greater depth. Our priority track ECOLOGY, EVOLUTION & BEHAVIOR aims to educate students in how to develop research questions that focus on organisms within their communities, their changing environment and their interactions among each other. As result of this approach, Master students become familiar with different concepts, possibilities and limitations of research approaches in the fields of animal behaviour, ecology, evolution, physiology, and neurobiology.

The department of Biology has a joined graduate school for PhD students together with the Max-Planck Institute of Animal Biology (IMPRS Organismal Biology). The shared interests at both research facilities allows us to provide education and research topics in a large variety of different fields, and some of our Master students even continue their research career at this high profile international graduate school.

By admission to this priority track, attendance of two core modules are granted, and required.

This priority track is tailored specifically as training for the following graduate school at the University of Konstanz: International Max-Planck Research School (IMPRS) for Organismal Biology

The speakers of this track currently are: Prof. Peter Kroth and Prof. David Schleheck.