First European cave fish detected in Aach spring - follow us on a diving trip and get first scientific results

Freitag, 18. Mai 2018
11.00 – 12.00 Uhr

Hörsaal Limnologisches Institut Universität Konstanz, Mainaustr. 252

Jasminca PD Dr. Behrmann-Godel, Limnological Institute, University of Konstanz,

Joachim Kreiselmaier, cave diver, Freunde der Aachhöhle e.V. Jasminca Behrmann-Godel, Limnological Institute, University of Konstanz,

The Aach spring in Baden-Württemberg is the largest source of Germany. More than 550m away from the entrance of the cave, the first cave fish of Europe were discovered. In a movie the audience are taken on a diving trip to the cave loaches of the Aach spring. Joachim Kreiselmaier will explain how difficult diving in caves is in general and how he discovered the fascinating fish. Jasminca Behrmann-Godel will point out why living in the underground is so challenging for higher organisms and present first scientific insights about the cave loaches. With the discovery, the actual research has just begun, many questions are still unanswered. In a future research project, where the cave divers of the "Freunde der Aachhöhle e.V." will cooperate with the University of Konstanz, we hope to find out more about the ecology and evolution of these fascinating organisms.