A warm welcome to all new master's students.

We are delighted to welcome you to Konstanz University.

We are biology students, just like you, and we aim to assist you as well. These pages will provide you with important information about beginning your master's degree, life in Konstanz, and upcoming activities. The student council have been racking our brains and organizing projects for weeks in order to make your debut as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Although some of you have already completed your bachelor's degree at the university, it is also crucial for you and the new students in Konstanz to meet new people. Courses overlap over semesters, especially in the Master's program, and there is no set rule about who takes which course in which semester.

As a result, you should surely connect with each other through the Master First Semester Group. The new master students will continue to progress up in the following semesters, allowing us to bring together a large group of students from various semesters. For the Master's first semester group, click here.

The students council also uses a general department group as a pure notification channel.

Your are also welcome to join the Discord-Server for Konstanz Students. many other Master students and internationals from various degree programs can be found here.

To get to know each other, we'll go for a bar crawl.

The first-year bachelor's students are primarily targeted for the general introductory week (17 - 21 October). The following week, most likely on October 26, 2022, we will organize a pub crawl for the new Masterstudents. You will get more information at your VTK election (election of Advanced Courses) on 21 October from 13:30 in room M629. Don't miss it!