FlowKon Prices

FlowKon usage fees are used to cover costs that arise from instrument operation and supplies. The usage fees are subject to evaluation at regular intervals, and will be adjusted on the basis of the actual costs. The following prices are valid from the 01.03.2018

Flow Cytometric Analysers

Instrument           Unassisted Assisted        
BD LSRFortessaTM 8.5 € / hour*  
BD FACSVerseTM 8.5 € / hour*
BD FACSLyricTM 8.5 € / hour*

*Includes FACSFlow Sheath Fluid, cleaning solutions and instrument calibration beads.    

Flow Cytometric Sorters

Instrument               Operator-

BD FACS AriaTM III or Illu

5 € / hour

+35 € / run*

Instrument               Unassisted        Assisted

AutoMACS® Pro Separator

5 € / hour


*Includes 1x PBS (filtered), instrument cleaning and setup, CS&T calibration and AccuDrop    beads, ethanol for instrument shutdown. 

Bio-Plex 200

Instrument                 Unassisted        
Bio-Plex® 200            5 € / hour     + 60 € / run*

*Includes Bio-Plex® Sheath Fluid, cleaning solutions and instrument validation and calibration beads.

Price list 2019 (PDF) download