Instruments at FlowKon

The Core Facility for Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting FlowKon currently hosts five high-end instruments supporting the use of a wide range of flow cytometry applications.

Analyzer Flow Cytometry

We provide access to three analyzers which are equipped with up to 5 lasers allowing for the simultaneous detection of up to 18 parameters within one cell.

BD LSRFortessa™5 Laser (355, 405, 488, 561, 633 nm)≤ 18 Parameter
BD FACSVerse™3 Laser (405, 488, 633 nm)≤ 10 Parameter
BD FACSLyric™3 Laser (405, 488, 633 nm)≤ 12 Parameter

Technical details and laser configuration of Analyzer Flow Cytometry.

Sorter MACS & FACS

The Miltenyi Biotec autoMACS® Pro Separator and the BD FACSAria™ IIIu/III present two different cell sorting techniques opening the chance to physically separate target cells from a bulk cell populations.

Cell SorterLaser Parameter
BD FACSAria™ IIIu                 4 Laser (405, 488, 561, 633nm)≤ 12 Parameter 
BD FACSAria™ III5 Laser (375/405, 488, 561, 633nm)≤ 12 Parameter

Technical details and laser configuration of BD FACSAria™ IIIu and BD FACSAria™ III

Cell SorterProperties
Miltenyi Biotec autoMACS®
Pro Separator                               
2 Columns                                       ≤ 6 Separations

Technical Details of Miltenyi Biotec autoMACS® Pro Separator.


FlowKon furthermore has a multiplex array system which affords researcher to detect and quantify intra- and extracellular cytokines, chemokines or phosphorylated proteins.

BIO-RAD Bio-Plex® 2002 Lasers                             ≤ 100 Analytes

Technical details of BIO-RAD Bio-Plex® 200.