For general enquiries regarding the FlowKon Core Facility, including project consultation or instrument information, etc. please send an email to

Core Facility Manager

Dr. Annette Sommershof



Phone: +49 7531  88-3947

Room: M 1007

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Technical Assistance

Ricarda Schwab


Phone: +49 7531  88-3947

Room: M1007

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Christina Hipper-Meier


Phone: +49 7531  88-4005

Steering Committee

Prof. Dr. Marcus Groettrup

Professor for Immunology

Prof. Dr. Thomas Brunner

Professor for Biochemical Pharmacology

Prof. Dr. Christof Hauck

Professor for Cell Biology

Prof. Dr. Marcel Leist

Professor for In Vitro - Toxicology and Biomedicine

PD Dr. Aswin Mangerich

Assistant Professor for Toxicology and Biochemistry