How to get to the lab


You have managed to arrive in Konstanz and also found a bus stop. The No 9 bus has taken you up to the University. Now you follow the stream of your fellow travellers, enter the building through a red sliding glass door and turn to the left, pass another door and go up the stairs. Then you turn right and go straight ahead passing some fancy windows decorated by chemists on your right. You open another gray door and pass some stuffed wolves and other animals on your left. Still going straight ahead you’ll find some elevators to your right. However, being a person of great ecological concern, you’ll turn to the brown door with the sign “Treppe” and climb up the staircase until you see the sign “08”. You’ll open the door to your right and march straight ahead to a hallway in which one door has the sign M 803, which is the office of Mark van Kleunen.

Sweet Tooth Corner