List of BSc and MSc

BScFelicitas OehlersPotential (side) effects of bioeffectors on native German grassland species
BScOliver MichelsDoes allelopathy of the plant community provide resistance against invasion?
MScLaura HeinzelmannMorpho-anatomical studies on the seed-cones of Thuja and Thujopis (thujoid Cupressaceae) with a focus on the vasculature
MScCarola DostalDoes species richness contribute to invasion resistance under climate warming?
MScDominika KundelBio-effector application: impact on growth performance of maize and effect on associated arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
MSc Jacob RosenthalEffects of agricultural management types and landscape structure on farmland arthropod diversity
BScAnnika WoltjenInvestigation of mechanisms of resistance in Napier varieties to stunt disease
BScDaniel Schmitz Exploring leaf and root trait relationships under varying environmental conditions
MScHuan LeAssessing the role of salycilic acid defence in plant-soil effect, using Arabidopsis thaliana



Laura Kathrin HeinzelmannFlow visitation and pollen initiation of native and non-native species
BScCarola DostalTesting post-introduction evolution of pollinator-attraction traits: using Brassica nigra as a model system
BScPaula RotterResurrection of plants from invaded and non-invaded habitats
BScTilman RönneburgEffects of soil fungi and disturbance on germination and establishment of common and rare alien and native plant species in grassland communities
BScJenifer KönigEffects of soil biota from sites invaded by Solidago gigantea on growth and competitive ability of native plant species
MScNicolai NitscheNon-random dispersal and eco-evolutionary dynamics of invasion in complex landscapes (external EAWAG Zurich)
MScLena HorstmeyerSurvival and growth of common and rare alien and native plants: the role of soil fungi and disturbance
MScSina GlöcknerBreaking open the black box of soil: Identifying shifts in soil microbial communities in plant-soil feedback experiments
MScSteffi Lemmermeyer The role of microbial soil communities in plant-soil feedback of fast and slow growing plant species
MScEva MalecoreEffectiveness of invasive alien plant clearing and impacts on the arthropod assemblage through a food web approach in Ndumo Game Reserve
MScAnna Gorenflo

Bedeutung intra- und interspezifischer Merkmalsvariation bei Blüten-besuchenden Insekten für die Bestäubungsfunktion (external University of Giessen)

BScDavid GudnasonGermination characteristics and herbicide resistance of threatened and non-threatened arable weeds
BScMichael RöckleEffects of inbreeding and outbreeding in native and exotic populations of Mimulus guttatus
BScCarolin TetznerThe use of a time-lapse camera for pollinator observations
BScLinda LörcherTesting plant trait correlations with relative growth rates obtained from non-linear growth models
BScDominika KundelInvestigating the soil seed bank status in habitats invaded by solidago
BScJoana ThielEffects of soil feedback on alien and native plant species
BScNikolaus McLachlanGrowth-rate comparisons between non-invasive and invasive alien plant species
BScCarolina WackerhagenIs shade-avoidance plasticity limited by herbivory?
BScFelix PrahlChanges in phenology of salix herbacea along altitudinal gradients
BScSarah SchröderKleinräumige Mikromosaikkartierung der Salzwiese auf Scharhörn
MScJens JoschinskiDo selfers differ from outcrossers in growth and resistance to caterpillars
BScIngo BreddinKeimungs- und Wachstumsexperimente an invasiven und nicht-invasiven Pflanzen
BScKatarina VargaGermination and seedling characteristics of alien and native plant species