Lab members:

Name Position Email ( Extension
Stefan Baumgartner Guest Professor stefan.baumgartner 3121
Daniel Capek Postdoc daniel.capek 5547
Manu Capek Technician manuela.capek 5548
Karin Feldmann Secretary office.devbio 2133
Sandrien Huber Researcher sandrien.huber 5546
Anna Kögler Postdoc anna.koegler 5546
Anica Kurzbach Postdoc anica.kurzbach 5545
Amit Landge PhD student amit.landge 5548
Max Lohmer BSc student max.lohmer 5546
Rosa Manukjan Student assistant rosa.manukjan 3121
Annabell Maslonka BSc student annabell.maslonka 5547
Hernan Morales-Navarrete Postdoc hernan.morales-navarrete 5547
Patrick Müller Principal investigator patrick.mueller 5544
Moritz Schlötter Postdoc moritz.schloetter 5545
Nikan Toulany PhD student nikan.toulany 5548
Murat Ünalan Postdoc murat.uenalan 5546
Marianne Wiechers Technician marianne.wiechers 3121
Cedric Wolfer Student assistant cedric.wolfer 5546

Please dial +49 7531 88 and the listed extension to reach a lab member.

We are located on the 11th floor of the M building.