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Dr. Jonas Adrian Prof. Dr. C. Hauck The mechanisms behind CEACAM3- mediated recognition and uptake of pathogenic bacteria 2019
Dr. Asma Ahmed Prof. Dr. T. Brunner The Role of Intestinal Glucocorticoid Synthesis in the Development of Colorectal Tumors 2019
Dr. Stefan Altaner Prof. Dr. D. Dietrich Cyanobacterial microcystins and human health - First steps towards a congener dependent risk assessment of microcystins 2019
Dr. Elisa Andresen Prof. Dr. H. Küpper Effects of nanomolar cadmium concentrations on water plants - comparison of biochemical biophysical mechanisms of toxicity under environmentally relevant conditions 2014
Dr. Anthi Apostolopoulou Dr. A. Thum The nervous system of the Drosophila larva: Encoding chemosensory information for naive and learned behaviours 2015
Dr. Francesco Baschieri PD Dr. H. Farhan The Role of the Golgi Protein GM130 in Cell Polarity and Tumorigenesis 2015
Dr. Heinke Bastek Prof. Dr. D. Dietrich Predictive value of drug-induced DNA adduct formation for risk assessment of nephrotoxicity 2019
Dr. Jennifer Baur Prof. Dr. A. Bürkle Biomathematical exploration of the MARK-AGE database 2015
Dr. Stefanie Biergans Prof. Dr. G. Galizia Role of DNA methylation and other epigenetic mechanisms in learning and memory formation in the honeybee 2016
Dr. Teresa Bluhmki Prof. Dr. F. Gantner Generation of stemcell-derived human lung epithelium in HTS 2022
Dr. Annika Böhm Prof. Dr. M. Groettrup Molecular investigations of the pathogenesis of leber congenital Amaurosis 2020
Dr. Konstantin Bode Prof. Dr. T. Brunner Intestinale Organiode als Testsystem für Zellstress- und Zelltod- auslösende Prozesse im Darmepithel 2019
Dr. Patrizia Bonsignore Prof. Dr. C. Hauck Structural and functional analysis of the interaction between the human microbiome and receptors of the CEACAM family 2021
Dr. Jochen Buck Dr. B. Lepetit Influence of Lhcx2 on acclimation to dynamic light and low iron conditions in the diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum 2020
Dr. Betty Andrea Bueno Garcia PD Dr. J. Simon Competition for nitrogen in subtropical forests 2019
Dr. Fabienne Chevance Prof. Dr. W. Boos Effect of synonymous mutations and codon context on mRNA translation 2017
Dr. Verena Deing Prof. Dr. A. Bürkle Characterization of the oxytocin system in primary human dermal fibroblasts and keratinocytes 2013
Dr. Julia Delgado-Tascón Prof Dr. C. Hauck Investigation of the immune receptors CEACAM3 and CEACAM4 2015
Dr. Johannes Delp Prof. Dr. M. Leist Functional and mechanistic approaches to improve neurotoxicity predictions 2019
Dr. Lachlan Dow Prof. Dr. P. Kroth Molecular Biology of Diatom-Bacteria Interactions of Lake Constance 2019
Dr. Ypeng Liang Prof. Dr. A. Meyer Evolution of Coloration and Pigmentation Genes in Cichlids 2020
Dr. Katharina Eichler Dr. A. Thum Mnemonic architecture of a mini-brain: determining the wiring diagram of the larval mushroom body of Drosophila melanogaster using EM reconstruction 2017
Dr. Jorge Encinas Prof. Dr. F. Peeters Dynamics and spatial patterns of greenhouse gas concentrations and emissions from lakes and rivers 2017
Dr. Daniela Ewe Prof. Dr. P. Kroth Living well with a scrambled metabolism: CO2 fixation and carbohydrate pathways in the diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum 2015
Dr. Yanhao Feng Prof. Dr. M. van Kleunen Regional-and Local-scale Drivers of Establishment and Invasion of Success of Alien Plants 2015
Dr. Cornelia Fischbach (geb. Welte) Prof. Dr. C. Stürmer Characterization of Nogo-A transgenic zebrafish and of the zebrafish Nogo homologues rtn4a and rtn4b in wild-type and transgenic zebrafish 2017
Dr. Jasmin Frey Prof. Dr. B. Schink Aktivierung von Aceton durch sulfatreduzierende Bakterien 2017
Dr. Karlo Gasparic Adamska/Funck The DEG9 and DEG14 proteases in A. thaliana 2015
Dr. Hanne Gerding Prof. Dr. M. Leist Site-specific incorporation of 3-nitrotyrosine in proteins generated via genetic code expansion in E.coli 2018
Dr. Birgit Gohm (geb. Gogol) Prof. Dr. A. Bürkle The Role of DNA Repair in the Evolution of Vertebrate Longevity 2016
Dr. Simon Gutbiert Prof. Dr. M. Leist Factors affecting toxicant sensitivity of LUHMES-derived human neurons 2018
Dr. Iris Gutiérrez Prof. Dr. D. Dietrich Toxicity Screening of Wood Combustion Fine Dust Using a Microbial Test Battery 2014
Dr. Andreas Härer Prof. Dr. A. Meyer Of eyes and gut microbiomes in Nicaraguan cichlid fishes - convergent diversification at different levels of biological organization 2018
Dr. Almut Hanselmann Prof. Dr. K. Rothhaupt Life-cycle and population ecology of the freshwater mysid Limnomysis benedeni 2012
Dr. Janina Herber Prof. Dr. B. Schink Nitrification in a changing lake ecosystem 2019
Dr. Franziska Herrmann PD Dr. F. Gantner Olodaterol in model systems of fibrosis 2017
Dr. Anna-Katharina Holzer Prof. Dr. M. Leist Qualitative and quantitative assessment of perpheral neurotoxicity 2022
Dr. Catharina Huber Prof. Dr. I. Adamska Localization and characterization of the protease DEG10 in Arabidopsis thaliana 2016
Dr. Nikola Hülsbusch Prof. Dr. C. Stürmer The role of reggie/flotillin in signaling and membrane protein trafficking 2015
Dr. Manuela Jaklin Prof. Dr. M. Leist Development of a human pluripotent stem cell assay for the prediction of teratogenicity 2021
Dr. Geraldine Kavembe Prof. Dr. A. Meyer Evolution of Fish in Extreme Environments: Insights from the Magadi tilapia (Alcolapia grahami) 2015
Dr. Susanne Kleiderman (geb. Kirner) Prof. Dr. M. Leist The Generation of Astrocytes from Stem Cells and their Potency to Regain Stem Cell Potential 2016
Dr. Julia Kleinteich Prof. Dr. D. Dietrich Diversity and Ecophysiology of Cyanobacterial Mat Communities in Arctic and Antarctic Ecosystems 2013
Dr. Carolin Koss Prof. Dr. F. Gantner Macrophage Phenotypes in Lung Fibrosis 2021
Dr. Scott LaPoint Prof. Dr. M. Wikelski Movement ecology of fishers (Pekania pennanti) within a semi-urban landscape 2013
Dr. Yan Li Prof. Dr. M. van Kleunen Drivers and consequences of in- and out-breeding in plants 2019
Dr. Yuanhao Li Prof. Dr. T. Frickey In silico, in vitro and in vivo investigation of poly-nucleotide repeats 2019
Dr. Hongjian Liang Prof. Dr. M. Scheffner Characterization of the oncogenic properties of human papillomavirus E6 proteins 2017
Dr. Yanjie Liu Prof. Dr. M. van Kleunen The importance of phenotypic plasticity for plant success under environmental change 2017
Dr. Lisanne Luks Prof. Dr. D. Dietrich Drug-induced mislocalization of renal peroxisomal proteins 2017
Dr. Anna MacKerracher Prof. Dr. M. Groettrup Effects of chronic Stress on Anti-tumor TCD8+ Responses and Tumor Regression Following Cancer Immunotherapy in a Mouse Model of Melanoma 2022
Dr. Shvaita Madhuri Prof. Dr. P. Kroth Characterization of Aureochromes, a new type of Blue Light Photoreceptors in Diatoms 2020
Dr. Mei Min Mah Prof. Dr. M. Groettrup The Role of FAT10 in Regulating the Interferon Response 2019
Dr. Katja Matt Prof. Dr. A. Bürkle Ex vivo and in vitro DNA repair 2021
Dr. Sarah May Prof. Dr. A. Bürkle The effect of different engineered nanomaterials (ENM) on DNA damage and repair pathways 2018
Dr. Valentina Millarte PD Dr. H. Farhan Signaling at the Golgi Apparatus During Cell Migration and Implication for Cancer Cell Metastasis 2015
Dr. Ulrike Mogg Dr. D. Funck Lokalisierung und physiologische Charakterisierung der Serinprotease DEG7 in Arabidopsis thaliana 2014
Dr. Adrian Monteleone Prof. Dr. D. Dietrich Anthropogene Polymerpartikelexpositionen von Zellkulturen: Proteomische und metabolomische Charakterisierung biochemischer Effekte von Mikro- und Nanoplastik 2021
Dr. Franziska Müller Prof. Dr. M. Scheffner Characterization of tha catalytic properties of the ubiquitin ligase E6AP 2022
Dr. Johanna Nyfeller Prof. Dr. M. Leist Neural crest cell migration as a functional endpoint to test for developmental toxicity 2017
Dr. Dirk Oehler Prof. Dr. B. Schink Energy conservation in syntrophic acetate oxidation 2014
Dr. Sebastian Oehlke Prof. Dr. A. Bürkle Bioinformatic analysis of data from the EU FP7 Project "MARK-AGE" 2018
Dr. Oliver Okle Prof. Dr. D. Dietrich Mechanisms underlying beta-N-methylamino-L-alanine neurotoxicity in different model systems 2013
Dr. Juanita Olano Marin Prof. Dr. M. Wikelski Exploring the causes of heterozygosity-fitness correlations in the blue tit 2011
Dr. Giorgia Pallocca Prof. Dr. M. Leist Characterization of disturbed neural crest migration as mechanism of developmental toxicity of prescription drugs 2017
Dr. Yogita Patil Prof. Dr. B. Schink Redox enzymes in the fermentative degradation of glucose and gluconate 2019
Dr. Manuela Perthold Dr. D. Funck Biochemical and physiological characterisation of Deg/HtrA proteases in Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 2014
Dr. Truong San Phan Prof. Dr. T. Brunner Role of local steroid synthesis in the skin in the regulation of immune responses and inflammation 2021
Dr. Jenny Aino Plath Prof. Dr. G. Galizia Neuroethological analysis of visually oriented behavior in honey bees 2017
Dr. Lisa Rank PD Dr. A. Mangerich Cellular characterization of PARP1 variants with altered enzymatic activities 2019
Dr. Nadja Rastetter Prof. Dr. K.-O. Rothhaupt Ecotoxicological Assessment of Sewage Sludges and Phosphate Recyclates by Standard Tests and New Methods 2017
Dr. Anna Rist Prof. Dr. A. Thum Structural and Functional Correlates of the Taste System of Drosophila Larvae 2018
Dr. Mathias Ritschard Prof. Dr. M. Wikelski On the significance of song amplitude in birds - function, mechanisms, and ontogeny 2012
Dr. Samuel Roch Prof. Dr. K.-O. Rothhaupt Examination of the microplastic burden in freshwater fish and physical effects to its exposure 2022
Dr. Simone Rothmiller Prof. Dr. A. Bürkle Mesenchymale Stammzellen in chronischer Seneszenz als Ursache chronischer Wundheilungsstörungen nach Senfgas-Exposition 2021
Dr. Julia Rottberger Prof Dr. P. Kroth Ecophysiology of mixotrophic flagellates 2013
Dr. Nina Schlotz PD Dr. D. Martin-Creuzburg Eco-physiological consequences of dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids for host-parasite interactions 2014
Dr. Alexander Schmidt Prof Dr. B. Schink Syntrophic oxidation of butyrate and ethanol 2014
Dr. Daniel Schniertshauer Prof. Dr. A. Bürkle Mitochondrial repair processes 2020
Dr. Tamara Schuhmacher Prof. Dr. C. Hauck Neisserial surface proteins as key factors in host colonization and evasion of immune responses 2019
Dr. Mark Schumann Dr. A. Brinker A model of the physico-chemical properties of the chyme of salmonids 2021
Dr. Juliane Schwaderer Prof. Dr. T. Brunner LRH-1/NR5a2 in regulation of the immune system 2017
Dr. Philipp Secker Prof. Dr. D. Dietrich Functional approaches to study renal and mitochondrial toxicity in vitro 2018
Dr. Carina Seitz (geb. Immler) Prof. Dr. T. Brunner Role of the nuclear receptor LRH-1 in T cell development and function 2018
Dr. Aimilia Sempou Dr. E. Málaga-Trillo Molecular roles of the Prion Protein in zebrafish embryos and cultured cells 2014
Dr. Manuel Serif Prof. Dr. P. Kroth Characterization of Aureochromes in the diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum 2017
Dr. Shiva Shams Prof. Dr. D. Dietrich Diversity, impact and fate of cyanobacterial toxins in freshwater ecosystems 2015
Dr. Sherub Prof. Dr. M. Wikelski Movement Mechanisms of Gyps himalayensis (Himalayan Vultures) in the Central Asian Flyway 2017
Dr. Yong Shi Prof. Dr. C. Hauck The role of phosphoinsitol-4,5-bisphosphate in the cellular uptake of staphylococcus aureaus 2016
Dr. Oleg Simakov Prof. Dr. A. Meyer Linking Micro- and Macro-Evolution at the Cell Type Level: Insights into long-term evolution of cell types from comparative genomics, population sampling and development of Platynereis dumerilii 2013
Dr. Hanna Singer Prof. Dr. W. Boos The Bacterial Flagellum: New Insights into Regulation, Bioassembly, and Type III Secretion 2014
Dr. Elmar Spies Prof. Dr. P. Öhlschläger Development and Characterization of a novel Immunotherapy against Prostate Cancer 2012
Dr. Anique Stecher Prof. Dr. P. Kroth Functional biodiversity of sea ice-associated protists in the central Arctic Ocean 2015
Dr. Hao-Cheng Tang Prof. Dr. M. Scheffner Insights into the Tumor Suppressor p53: Physiological Function and Proteolytic Regulation 2017
Dr. Irmgard Teschke Dr. C. Kleineidam An Investigation of the Factors Driving Cognition in Darwin's finches 2011
Dr. George Thomas Prof. Dr. H. Küpper Effects of nanomolar copper on water plants: comparison of biochemical and biophysical mechanisms of deficiency and sublethal toxicity under environmentally relevant conditions 2014
Dr. Kerstin Tillmann PD Dr. H. Farhan Sec16 as an integrator of signaling to the endoplasmic reticulum 2015
Dr. Stefanie Traub Prof. Dr. M. Leist Establishment of a human iPS cell derived neuronal model cell to study synaptic signalling 2020
Dr. Christopher Vogel Prof. Dr. E. May The human chromatin protein DEK and its nuclear bodies in DNA replication 2019
Dr. Karin Vogel Prof. Dr. E. Isono Analysis of deubiquitinating enzymes in Arabidopsis thaliana 2022
Dr. Annekathrin Widmann Dr. A. Thum Molecular and neuronal mechanisms underlying learning and memory in Drosophlia larvae 2018
Dr. Susanne Wörner Prof. Dr. B. Schink Elucidating the identity and physiology of sulfate-reducing microorganisms in the hidden sulfur cycle of freshwater habitats 2019
Dr. Peiwen Xiong Prof. Dr. P. Kroth Comparative genomic approaches to unravel the evolutionary mechanisms of cichlid fishes 2019
Dr. Guilan Yu Prof. Dr. P. Kroth The role of PEP Carboxylases for carbon fixation in the diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum 2019
Dr. Franziska Zabel Prof. Dr. M. Groettrup Primary and memory B cell responses to Qß-VLP in mice 2014
Dr. Tiankun Zhou Prof Dr. O. Mayans Structural Studies of Muscle Proteins 2020