Name AG Promotionsprojekt
Bastek, Heinke Prof. Dr. D. Dietrich Gender- and species-specific differences in aristolochic acid induced urothelial carcinogenesis
Berger, Thilo Prof. Dr. A. Bürkle Psychoneuroimmunology in acute stress
Bhattarai, Marcel Prof. Dr. E. Isono Identification and Characterisation of AMSH deubiquitylase targets in Arabidopsis thaliana
Bluhmki, Teresa Prof. Dr. F. Gantner Generation of stemcell-derived human lung epithelium in HTS
Blum, Jonathan Prof. Dr. M. Leist Integration of human cell-based test methods to assess developmental neurotoxicity
Böhm, Annika Prof. Dr. M. Groettrup Molecular investigations of the pathogenesis of leber congenital Amaurosis
Bonsignore, Patrizia Prof. Dr. C. Hauck Structural and functional analysis of the interaction between the human microbiome and receptors of the CEACAM family
Bornemann, Maren Prof. Dr. B. Schink
Brockmann, Florian Prof. Dr. M. Groettrup Investigation of the actovatopn of the 26S proteasome by FAT10 and ist interaction partner NUB1
Broistedt, Sabryna Prof. Dr. C. Hauck Cell-based evaluation and optimization of bone implant surfaces
Buck, Jochen Dr. B. Lepetit Influence of Lhcx2 on acclimation to dynamic light and low iron conditions in the diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum
Bueno Garcia, Betty Andrea PD Dr. J. Simon Competition for nitrogen in subtropical forests
Del Río Oliva, Marta PD Dr. M. Basler The role of valosin-containing protein (VCP/p97) in antigen presentation and anti-viral immune response
Demmig, Rebecca Prof. Dr. T. Mayer Charakterisierung von Phosphatase insbesondere PP5, PP6 & PP4 in Stage 6 Oocyten von Xenopus-laevis
Dietz, Michelle PD Dr. D. Martin-Creuzburg Cyanobacterial bloom formation in reservoirs
Döpfner, Markus Dr. W. Fiedler Changes in the breeding behaviour of Central European bird species in the course of climate change
Dow, Lachlan Prof. Dr. P. Kroth Molecular Biology of Diatom-Bacteria Interactions of Lake Constance
Eichbichler, Daniela Prof. Dr. M. Scheffner The HPV E6 oncoprotein as tool to study the ubiquitin ligase UBE3A/E6AP
Engbrecht, Marina Prof. Dr. A. Bürkle Studies on the regulation of protein localization upon genotoxic stress
Engel, Sarah Prof. Dr. C. Stürmer Roles of the GPI-anchored proteins PrP and Thy-1 in axon growth and regeneration
Fotler, Regina Prof. Dr. D. Dietrich Investigation of the intracellular toxicokinetics of microcystins
George, Franziska Prof. Dr. M. Groettrup Prostate cancer immunotherapy with clinical grade PLGA microspheres
Goob, Griseldis Prof. Dr. C. Hauck Using a humanized mouse model to investigate bacterial infections of the urogenital tract
Gorman, Courtney Dr. M. Stift Reproduktive Isolation und Drift Load in Populationen mit Selbstbefruchtung bei einer Art mit normalerweise obligater Kreuzbefruchtung

Herber, Janina

Prof. Dr. B. Schink Nitrification in a changing lake ecosystem
Holzer, Anna-Katharina Prof. Dr. M. Leist Qualitative and quantitative assessment of perpheral neurotoxicity
Im, Soo-Hyun Prof. Dr. P. Kroth Characterization of Aureochromes in Diatoms
Jaklin, Manuela Prof. Dr. M. Leist Development of a human pluripotent stem cell assay for the prediction of teratogenicity
Jochimsen, Marc Prof. Dr. D. Dietrich Phytoplankton community ecology
Keller, Nina Prof. Dr. B. Schink Assessment of the effects of the releases of gases or heat on microbial communities in near-surface aquifers
Koss, Carolin Prof. Dr. F. Gantner Macrophage Phenotypes in Lung Fibrosis
Kulikova, Olga Prof. Dr. M. Wikelski Movement ecology of a keystone Arctic raptor
Laible, Nina Dr. D. Funck The role of proline in Arabidopsis
Lambrecht, Rebekka Prof. Dr. T. Brunner Role of the Bcl2 Family in the paracetamol-induced liver damage
Li, Yuanhao Prof. Dr. T. Frickey In silico, in vitro and in vivo investigation of poly-nucleotide repeats
Liang, Yipeng Prof. Dr. A. Meyer Evolution of Coloration and Pigmentation Genes in Cichlids
MacKerracher, Anna Prof. Dr. M. Groettrup Effects of chronic Stress on Anti-tumor TCD8+ Responses and Tumor Regression Following Cancer Immunotherapy in a Mouse Model of Melanoma
Madhuri, Shvaita Prof. Dr. P. Kroth Characterization of Aureochromes, a new type of Blue Light Photoreceptors in Diatoms
Matt, Katja Prof. Dr. A. Bürkle Ex vivo and in vitro DNA repair
Merk, Verena Prof. Dr. T. Brunner Role of HSDII BI in the local production of glucocorticoids in the lung
Molchanova, Mariia Prof. Dr. P. Kroth Molecular aspects of synthesis and deposit of chrysolaminarin, the principal storage carbohydrate in diatoms
Monteleone, Adrian Prof. Dr. D. Dietrich Anthropogene Polymerpartikelexpositionen von Zellkulturen: Proteomische und metabolomische Charakterisierung biochemischer Effekte von Mikro- und Nanoplastik
Mosesso, Niccolò Prof. Dr. E. Isono Elucidation of the molecular function of ALIX in Arabidopsis thaliana
Mucic, Goran Prof. Dr. D. Dietrich The Mechanism of Toxicity of Aristolochic Acid in Renal Proximal Tubule Cells
Müller, Franziska Prof. Dr. M. Scheffner Characterization of tha catalytic properties of the ubiquitin ligase E6AP
Müller, Stefanie Prof. Dr. M. Groettrup E3 ligases of the ubiquitin-like modifier FAT10
Octorina, Pelita PD Dr. D. Straile Morphological and life history change of Daphnia during Oligotrophication of Lake Constance
Omer, Ali Prof. Dr. M. van Kleunen Introduction bias of ornamental plants of Southern Africa and naturalisation of alien plant spécies
Phan, Truong San Prof. Dr. T. Brunner Role of local steroid synthesis in the skin in the regulation of immune responses and inflammation
Ragg, Ramona Dr. H. Hofmann Methane emissions from small lakes: Dynamics and distribution patterns
Rapp, Yannick Prof. Dr. Florian Stengel Investigating biomolecular condensates by crosslinking mass spectrometry and proteomic analysis
Reuter, Robert PD Dr. Judy Simon

Konsequenzen von Konkurrenz und abiotischem Stress für die Aufnahme und interne Verteilung von Stickstoff in temperaten Baumarten

Riehle, Eva Prof. Dr. D. Dietrich Risk assessment of microcystins
Roch, Samuel Dr. A. Brinker Examination of the microplastic burden in fresh water fishes and physical effects to its exposure
Rothmiller, Simone Prof. Dr. A. Bürkle Mesenchymale Stammzellen in chronischer Seneszenz als Ursache chronischer Wundheilungsstörungen nach Senfgas-Exposition
Rütschlin, Kevin Marc Prof. Dr. D. Dietrich Quorum sensing and quorum quenchung in toxic cyanobacteria
Salzwedel (verh. Fieres), Judy Prof. Dr. A. Bürkle Effects of chronic traumatic stress on DNA damage and repair, poly(ADP-ribosy)lation, telomere length ...
Schlichenmaier, Nadja Prof. Dr. D. Dietrich Development of a novel in vitro 3D test system employing human immortalized podocytes and endothelial cells and ist application for safety testing
Schniertshauer, Daniel Prof. Dr. A. Bürkle Mitochondrial repair processes
Schönemann, Luise Prof Dr. I. Adamska / Dr. D. Funck Characterization of arginine- and proline-metabolism in Arabidopsis thaliana
Schuhmacher, Tamara Prof. Dr. C. Hauck Neisserial surface proteins as key factors in host colonization and evasion of immune responses
Schumann, Mark Dr. A. Brinker A model of the physico-chemical properties of the chyme of salmonids
Seumen-Tiogang, Clovis Prof. Dr. C. Hauck Construction of designer cell lines
Sigg, Matthias Prof. Dr. M. Scheffner Unnatural amino acids to study the effect of lysine acetylation on p53 activity in cells
Ückert, Anna-Katharina Prof. Dr. M. Leist Improved cell culture models and test methods for the prediction of neurotoxicity
Vogel, Karin Prof. Dr. E. Isono Analysis of deubiquitinating enzymes in Arabidopsis thaliana
Wohnhaas, Christian Thaddäus Prof. Dr. F. Gantner Investigation of molecular mechanisms underlying immunological and respiratory disorders using single-cell RNA sequencing
Yang, Ruqian Prof. Dr. P. Kroth Molecular characterization of diatom-bacteria interactions
Zhang, Hui Prof. Dr. K. Rothhaupt Invasion ecology of quagga mussels (Dreissena rostriformis bugensis) in Lake Constance
Zhou, Tiankun Prof Dr. O. Mayans Structural Studies of Muscle Proteins