Name AG Promotionsprojekt
Bammert, Marie-Thérèse Prof. Dr. F. Gantner Characterisation of metabolic crosstalk within the lung stem cell niche upon injury
Barquin, Miguel Prof. Dr. A. Gruber Unveiling the role of 3' end processing to immune cell identity, function and dysfunction
Bhattarai, Marcel Prof. Dr. E. Isono Identification and Characterisation of AMSH deubiquitylase targets in Arabidopsis thaliana
Bitzer, Sarah Nadine Prof. Dr. F. Gantner Miniaturized Drug Discovery Assays targeting Macrophages in Fibrotic Diseases
Blum, Jonathan Prof. Dr. M. Leist Integration of human cell-based test methods to assess developmental neurotoxicity
Bozic Petkovic, Jovana Prof. Dr. A. Bürkle Studies on the DNA damage response in cells exposed to low-dose prolonged X-irradiation
Brockmann, Florian Prof. Dr. M. Groettrup Investigation of the actovatopn of the 26S proteasome by FAT10 and ist interaction partner NUB1
Cai, Yanlin Prof. Dr. D. Schleheck Biochemistry of thermophilic degradation of C1 and C2 compounds in Thermacetogenium phaeum
Del Río Oliva, Marta PD Dr. M. Basler The role of valosin-containing protein (VCP/p97) in antigen presentation and anti-viral immune response
Denneler, Marius Prof. D. Schleheck Charakterisierung der Biofilmbildung im Bodensee und Evaluierung neuartiger Strategien zur Kontrolle der Biofilmbildung
Dietz, Michelle PD Dr. D. Martin-Creuzburg Cyanobacterial bloom formation in reservoirs
Engbrecht, Marina Prof. Dr. A. Bürkle Studies on the regulation of protein localization upon genotoxic stress
Ferreira Nogueira, Natalia Inés Prof. Dr. D. Dietrich Determination of microcystins (MC-LR, MC-RR and MC-YR) in fish liver, kidney, muscle and evaluation of the potential bioaccumulation within the trophic chain as well as metabolic and morphological impacts
Fischer, Marvin Prof. Dr. A. Bürkle Psychologische Faktoren von Stress
Fotler, Regina Prof. Dr. D. Dietrich Investigation of the intracellular toxicokinetics of microcystins
Giossi, Chiara Prof. Dr. D. Schleheck Combined temperature and light stress effects on the photophysiology of Phaeodactylum tricornutum: molecular investigation on diatom fitness in the era of global changes.
Goob, Griseldis Prof. Dr. C. Hauck Using a humanized mouse model to investigate bacterial infections of the urogenital tract
Gundelach, Tallulah PD Dr. J. Simon Influence of abiotic and biotic factors on tree nutrion and chemical defence
Heid, Peter Prof. Dr. F. Stengel Studying protein complexes by structural mass spectometry
Herbinger, Marleen Prof. Dr. C. Hauck The role of PPM1F in hematopoetic and neuronal cells
Hoffmann, Julius Maximilian Prof. Dr. L. Becks Genomics of eco-evolutionary dynamics in coevolving predator-prey systems
Horvath, Dennis Prof. Dr. M. Groettrup Effects of Stress Transmission in Social Groups on the Efficacy of the Immune System
Im, Soo-Hyun Prof. Dr. P. Kroth Characterization of Aureochromes in Diatoms
Inholz, Katharina PD Dr. M. Basler The role of Nub1L in the regulation of proteasomal degradation
Ji, Pengyu Prof. Dr. P. Kroth Investigation on the structure and role of bacterial compounds that affect carbohydrate secretion by diatoms
Keller, Nina Prof. Dr. B. Schink Assessment of the effects of the releases of gases or heat on microbial communities in near-surface aquifers
Köhler, Ann-Kathrin Prof. Dr. E. Deuerling Analyzing the function of Ebp1
Kulikova, Olga Prof. Dr. M. Wikelski Movement ecology of a keystone Arctic raptor
Lambrecht, Rebekka Prof. Dr. T. Brunner Role of the Bcl2 Family in the paracetamol-induced liver damage
Lucas, Jorrit Silvan PD Dr. A. Brinker Jadgverhalten von heimischen Raubfischen
Merk, Verena Prof. Dr. T. Brunner Role of HSDII BI in the local production of glucocorticoids in the lung
Meyburg, Birthe Prof. Dr. M. Leist Characterization of mitochondrial inhibitors in models toxicity and desease
Mink, Dennis Prof. Dr. M. Groettrup Preclinical validation of a PLGA microsphere T-cell vaccination against influenza virus
Mix, Ann-Kathrin Prof. Dr. C. Hauck Novel strategies to combat multi-drug resistant gonococci
Molchanova, Mariia Prof. Dr. P. Kroth Molecular aspects of synthesis and deposit of chrysolaminarin, the principal storage carbohydrate in diatoms
Mosesso, Niccolò Prof. Dr. E. Isono Elucidation of the molecular function of ALIX in Arabidopsis thaliana
Mucic, Goran Prof. Dr. D. Dietrich The Mechanism of Toxicity of Aristolochic Acid in Renal Proximal Tubule Cells
Müller, Stefanie PD Dr. A. Aichem E3 ligases of the ubiquitin-like modifier FAT10
Munir, Tariq Prof. Dr. T. Brunner Role of TNF receptor signaling in mu dilating apoptotic and necrotic liver cell death
Octorina, Pelita PD Dr. D. Straile Morphological and life history change of Daphnia during Oligotrophication of Lake Constance
Oliveri, Franziska PD Dr. M. Basler Prostate cancer immunotherapy with clinical grade PLGA microspheres
Pach, Natalie Prof. Dr. M. Groettrup Expression profile and function of FAT10 in gene targeted mice
Ragg, Ramona Dr. H. Hofmann Methane emissions from small lakes: Dynamics and distribution patterns
Raiber, Anastasia Prof. Dr. F. Gantner Investigation of immuno fibrotic stimuli on the epithelial-fibroplast crosstalk
Reininger, Dennis Prof. Dr. F. Gantner Anti-fibrotic combination therapy for fibrotic diseases
Reuter, Robert PD Dr. J. Simon Konsequenzen von Konkurrenz und abiotischem Stress für die Aufnahme und interne Verteilung von Stickstoff in temperaten Baumarten
Sauer, Julia Prof. Dr. F. Gantner Metabolic adaptations of pro-fibrotic macrophages
Saxena, Kritika PD Dr. A. Aichem Role of FAT10 in the regulation of type-I interferon signaling
Schlichenmaier, Nadja Prof. Dr. D. Dietrich Development of a novel in vitro 3D test system employing human immortalized podocytes and endothelial cells and ist application for safety testing
Schnee, Philipp Prof. Dr. D. Dietrich Etablierung von "Next-Generation-Sequencing" (Nanopore Sequencing) im Routine Labor (Mikrobiologie), anhand von speziellen Untersuchungen des Mikrobioms bei Mukoviszidose- und Post-Covid Patienten
Seumen-Tiogang, Clovis Prof. Dr. C. Hauck Construction of designer cell lines
Shresta, Sandeep Prof. Dr. E. Deuerling Clearance of protein aggregates by exophers
Sigg, Matthias Prof. Dr. M. Scheffner Unnatural amino acids to study the effect of lysine acetylation on p53 activity in cells
Sontowski, Erik Prof. Dr. C. Hauck Application of recombinant kinases for the analysis of protein-protein interaction and phosphorylation events with focus on analyzing focal adhesions
Sotiropoulou, Paraskevi Prof. Dr. Dietrich Off-target toxicity in human and mouse renal epithelial cell systems/organoids using in vitro transwell systems: in vitro to in vivo extrapolations
Speißer, Benedikt Prof. dr. M. van Kleunen Ecological Effects of Microplastics on Terrestrial Plants
Strumpen, Nils Fabian Prof. Dr. P. Kroth Molecular analysis of the light-dependent rhythmic regulation in a marine diatom
Süß, Julian Prof. Dr. M. Leist Toxicokinetic aspects of in vitro tests methods
Ückert, Anna-Katharina Prof. Dr. M. Leist Improved cell culture models and test methods for the prediction of neurotoxicity
Wiedmann, Alice Prof. Dr. T. Brunner Role of nuclear receptor LRH-1 / Nr5a2 in T helper cell differentiation and immunopathology
Wind, Tamara PD Dr. A. Brinker Folgenabschätzung des Klimawandels auf die Fischerzeugung in BW und Erarbeitung konkreter Maßnahmen zum Erhalt der Zukunftsfähigkeit
Wünsch, Marie Dr. Lepetit The molecular basics of rapid photoprotection and ist influence on competetive fitness in Phaeodactylum tricornutum
Wohnhaas, Christian Thaddäus Prof. Dr. F. Gantner Investigation of molecular mechanisms underlying immunological and respiratory disorders using single-cell RNA sequencing
Zhang, Hui Prof. Dr. K. Rothhaupt Invasion ecology of quagga mussels (Dreissena rostriformis bugensis) in Lake Constance
Zhang, Zaiwei Prof. Dr. F. Stengel Studying protein complexes by chemical crosslinking and mass spectrometry
Zielinski, Alexander Prof. Dr. D. Dietrich Microfluidics im Nierenmodell