• Recruitment of XRCC1-GFP
    to DNA damage

    Time lapse confocal microscopy movie of recruitment of XRCC1-GFP to DNA damage induced via fs pulsed nearIR laser irradiation. (Courtesy of P. Blumhardt)

  • U2-OS cells treated with a
    DNA replication inhibitor

    Confocal z-stack of U2-OS cells treated with a DNA replication inhibitor. (Courtesy of A. Deutzmann)
    Blue: DNA, Green: Tubulin, Red: 53BP1
    Scale bar: 10 µm

  • Localization Microscopy of
    DNA Replication Foci

    In the later stages of S phase of cells undergoing mitosis, stretches of DNA which are harder to replicate remain as replication active foci. These can be visualized by the incorporation of EdU which can be specifically linked to AF488. A comparison of images of nuclei from U2OS cells acquired by widefield and localization microscopy is shown (Scale bar: 2µm).

  • LUHMES cells expressing
    eGFP localized at mitochondria

    LUHMES cells 7d post differentiation expressing eGFP with a mitochondrial localization sequence (cyan). DNA was stained in using Hoechst-SiR (magenta). The cells were imaged with 3D structured illumination microscopy. From z-stacks maximum intensity projections were calculated. (Scale bar: 5µm)
    LUHMES cells were kindly provided by Alice Krebs (AG Leist, UKN)