BIC Macro Toolkit Options

Load ROIs

Converts the string argument stored in the results table by some of the BIC Toolkit macros into ROIs.

Cell Model

Defines the thresholds which are applied in the batch mode segmentation steps to identify and separate the segmentation ROIs after automatic thresholding. Check the "BIC-MT-Log" window for details.

Color Shift / Color Shift Calibration

Alignment of multichannel images when there is a spatial shift between different channels. A calibration image with known fiducials to deduce the pixel shift is required.


  • Floating point replacement: A single charackter that replaces the floating point in the result table.
  • Decimal places: Places after floating point. Use negative values for scientific notation.
  • Skip user actions: Apply default thresholds without asking.
  • Pin ImageJ and Log to front: No image window can hides these two windows.
  • Start with arranged dialogs: Open Threshold, Brightness & Contrast, Color Tool Dialogs at startup an places them on the right side of the screen.

Load Options / Save Options

Loads/Saves specific BIC Macro Toolkit options from/to a text file.