BIC Services

The Bioimaging Centre (BIC) is the light microscopy core facility of the University of Konstanz. It provides access to a many different light microscopy methods, ranging from simple transmitted light or fluorescence microscopy, equipment for acquiring long time series on living samples in confocal or holographic imaging modes, up to state of the art laser scanning confocal microscopes, capable to produce spectrally resolved images, measure diffusion or perform photomanipulation experiments. The visualization of subresolution structures is possible on fluorescence microscopes which support superresolution imaging modes.
BIC supports its users by providing training to operate the BIC microscopes. Additionally, BIC staff members offer advice on instrument choice and specific experimental questions (e.g. in sample preparation), and the presentation and evaluation of acquired microscopy data. In this view, BIC staff also provides help in image analysis, through image anylysis courses, and personal support on specific research questions. If necessary, prospective BIC users may already ask for support before or while planning their research projects.