Image Analysis

The Bioimaging Centre does not only provide access to light microscopy instruments, but also supports its users in the evaluation of their acquired  images. To assist with image analysis, we provide , FIJI (ImageJ), and Imaris as image processing software, and versions of the  ZEN and DeltaVision software suite at dedicated image analysis workstations.  An introduction to image processing by PhotoShop and image analysis by FIJI is given through our regular workshops.

The BIC offers also custom image analysis solutions. Please contact the head of facility or Dr. Martin Stöckl for requesting support in image analysis.

Image Analysis Projects

In a current image analysis project we have developed an ImageJ macro to track and quantify the enrichment of XPC-GFP, a GFP-labeled DNA damage repair factor, at sites of DNA damage induced by femtosecond pulsed Near-IR laser irradiation. Our approach does not only allow the quantification of stationary cells, but can also be applied for cells in suspension (e.g. DT40). In this study we collaborated with the group of Ciaran Morrison (National University of Ireland Galway).

The macro is now part of our BIC Macro Toolkit.