Samples from various sources are brought into the FlowKon laboratories for analysis and sorting. Working in such a “shared” environment in which a large variety of biological samples are introduced requires a reasonable set of ‘best practices’ to ensure the safety of all individuals who access the shared facility.

FlowKon Biosafety Guidelines

The intent of the “FlowKon Biosafety Guidelines” is to provide a safe working environment and to delineate responsibility for achieving it. The manual outlines requirements and biosafety standards for working with biological toxins, pathogenic microorganisms and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) within the FlowKon laboratories and apply to all activities involving the use, transportation and disposal of infectious materials in the facility.

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Registration and Approval of S2 organisms

Any research involving genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or biological toxins and microorganisms with a risk classification in biohazard group 2 (BSL-2) requires registration with the regional council of Freiburg (Regierungspräsidium Freiburg). The responsibility for registration lies with the respective PI. In cases where authorization has already been granted by the regional council of Freiburg, a request for amendment can be submitted, which allows the permit holder to work within the FlowKon laboratories. Principal investigators can request this amendment via the FlowKon core manager.

Furthermore, all infectious and/or biologically hazardous agents being used in the FlowKon laboratories require the approval of the FlowKon. For this purpose, a “Biosafety Information Sheet” on the biohazard material has to be completed by the PI prior to the start of any new experiment involving this material. For additional information or download please refer to the paragraph below.

FlowKon Biosafety Information Sheet

For proper risk assessment, it is critical that all relevant information about the biohazard potential of samples that are submitted to the facility is transmitted to core personnel. This allows FlowKon personnel to determine whether the design of the facility is appropriate for the experiments that are planned. The Biosafety Information Sheet has been developed in accordance to the Biosafety Questionnaire for Shared Flow Cytometry Facilities established by the ISAC Biosafety Committee and must be filled out completely and signed by the Principal Investigator who is requesting samples to be analyzed or sorted at the FlowKon before experiments or projects are started.

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