Service Charges

A staff time service charge of 20 EUR/hour for wetlab and analytical projects will apply from 1st April 2022. An initial consultation is included free of charge for all projects.

Machine time is currently free of charge although charges may apply in the future.

Similarly, wet lab facilities are free of charge but users are asked to provide their own consumables.

Current DFG guidelines regarding the usage of funds to pay for core facility services state (taken from:

“The majority of the costs of use, in particular the costs necessary for the basic operation of a device, such as personnel, service and maintenance contracts, depreciation and reinvestment, ongoing expenses for buildings and maintenance, etc., must be covered by the scientific research institution and cannot be financed with DFG funds.”

“Der Großteil der Vollkosten der Nutzung, insbesondere die für den Grundbetrieb eines Gerätes notwendigen Kosten wie Personal (z.B. Laserschutz, Verwaltung, Reinigung), Service- und Wartungsverträge, Abschreibung und Reinvestition, laufende Aufwendungen für Gebäude und Instandhaltung etc., sind durch die wissenschaftliche Forschungseinrichtung zu tragen und können nicht mit DFG-Geldern finanziert werden.”

Thus, it is not allowed to pay personnel costs from DFG funds. Given our requirement to establish financial sustainability, we have to charge staff time. Please consider this for payment of invoices.