Bachelor's and Master's Thesis

For students of the Biological Sciences and Life Science degree programs at the university of Konstanz we offer the opportunity to work on their bachelor's or master's thesis in our laboratory. Motivated students with a deep interest in immunology are welcome to apply for a thesis.

Bachelor's thesis

The bachelor's thesis offers undergraduate students the opportunity to gain insight into the day to day research at the Chair of Immunology, to learn valuable scientific techniques and to learn how to interpret and communicate scientific results properly. Aim of the bachelor's thesis is to train and ultimately verify the student's ability to work on a well-defined biological problem under supervision and to communicate the results in their thesis according to scientific standards. The time-course for working on the thesis is generally set to 3 months, of which 6 - 8 weeks are usually spent for practical work in the laboratory. Also see examination regulations for the particular program on the faculty website.

Pre-requisite for a bachelor's thesis at the Chair of Immunology is a solid basic knowledge in immunology, cell biology and biochemistry as provided in the lecture "Immunologie" by Prof. Groettrup in the 4th semester.

Master's thesis

The master's thesis provides an opportunity to gain a deep insight and a full integration into the current research at the Chair of Immunology. As the final examination of the master's degree program the student thus learns and ultimately proves his/her ability to work on a biological problem independently with the help of a supervisor and to interpret, discuss and communicate experimental data and their relevance according to scientific standards. The time-course for the thesis is a minimum of 6 months, with the opportunity to prolong for further 3 months.

Candidates for a master's thesis at the Chair of Immunology should be highly motivated and have a deep interest in immunological research. Previous attendance at the lecture "Immunologie" or equivalent classes at other universities is a pre-requisite. Furthermore previous attendance to the Advanded Laboratory Course Immunology is highly recommended and considered as an asset.