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Das FB-Seminar/ Departmental seminar
Summer semester 2024

The Biology Department Seminar Series takes place weekly on Thursdays and showcases exciting new research in biosciences and related fields, such as chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer science, and psychology.

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Best Paper Award

Exciting science is at the heart of our Department!  To honor new, innovative, and visibly published discoveries, we are awarding the "Best Paper Award" once every semester. Our most recent awardees are:

Rebekka Lambrecht for “Non-canonical BIM-regulated energy metabolism determines drug-induced liver necrosis in Cell Death and Differentiation

Anna-Katharina Ückert for "Identification of the bacterial metabolite aerugine as potential trigger of human dopaminergic neurodegenerationin Environmental International

Nikan Toulany for Uncovering developmental time and tempo using deep learning in Nature Methods


Orientation studies Go.MINt

Go.MINt is the new orientation course in mathematics, computer science, biology, chemistry and physics, which will be offered for the first time in the winter semester 2024/2025.


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Movie: The University of Konstanz in two minutes
Innenhof und Ausblick auf die Mainau

The University of Konstanz in two minutes

The university of Konstanz  introduces itself - click image to see the movie.

Tag der Lehre 2024

Members of the department Biology met on 12th April 2024 to discuss current trends and problems in our study programs.

Thanks to everyone who took part and contributed actively to ensure good teaching!

Current news

Individual small robot

"Turing test" for animal systems

What advantages do robots offer in researching the behavioural rules of animal groups? How is robotics research inspired by nature? Three robotics researchers from the Cluster of Excellence "Collective Behaviour" (CASCB) at the University of Konstanz provide insights.

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Two lions in grassland. One is standing. The other one is laying close to a bush.

In the realm of lions (copy 1)

“Contrary to ‘The Lion King’ there is no king or queen in lion societies. No single individual gets priority access to resources, whether that be access to mates or access to food after participating in a hunt”, says Konstanz researcher Natalia Borrego.

A good first impression

A collaborative research environment is key for establishing a new research group: insights from bioinformatician Andreas Gruber, funded within the framework of the Joint Federal Government-Länder Tenure-Track Programme.

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