Advanced Data and Information Literacy Track (ADILT)

Data-based methods have always played a central role in studying and in scientific research. Therefore, as part of its e-science strategy, the University of Konstanz wants to enable you to handle data not only in a technically correct way, but also in a critical, informed, and responsible way.

One component to achieve this goal is the "Advanced Data and Information Literacy Track" (ADILT). You can complete this as a study-accompanying program with its own certificate.

What is the ADILT?

With the study-accompanying program for data and information literacy "Advanced Data and Information Literacy Track" (ADILT), the topics basics of computer science, methods of data processing, their legal foundations and the reflection of their social significance become subject-specific teaching content in biology and together with other departments.

You can combine courses from Biology, courses from other departments as well as core offers of the ADILT. The ADILT courses can be enrolled in via ZEuS and ILIAS according to the respective course specifications. According to the planned certificate regulation, a total of 30 ECTS must be earned in order to obtain the ADILT certificate. As soon as sufficient ECTS have been acquired, the issuance of a certificate can be applied for at the ADILT coordination. There is no separate registration for the ADILT prior to taking the individual courses.

To see which courses are currently offered in the ADILT and which courses from Biology and other departments are eligible for credit toward the ADILT certificate, visit the ADILT website. The "Advanced Data and Information Literacy Track Lecture Series" serves as an introductory event, in which teachers from various disciplines provide new insights into various topics related to data and digitalisation each semester.

For whom is the ADILT?

Specialized Data Scientists are people in demand in our digitalized world. At the same time, however, confident handling of data, the ability to understand data-based decision-making processes well, and basic knowledge of the legal framework are also becoming increasingly relevant in general for all areas of professional and private life, especially in the field of natural sciences.

The ADILT is therefore open and appropriate for students of all subjects. It can be taken in and across all educational stages in which you are eligible to earn ECTS - i.e. Bachelor's, Master's and doctoral studies.

How do biologists benefit from the ADILT?

For you as a student in the subject of biology, the competent handling of data has always played a key role. Therefore, the basic tools for dealing with data are already taught and learned in every course of study in the Department of Biology at the University of Konstanz. Thus, you directly acquire already for the ADILT creditable ECTS.
However, if you would like to deepen your knowledge in this area or supplement it with courses offered by other departments, the ADILT is the right place for you. The range of courses that can be credited to the ADILT or taken via the ADILT covers the topic of data literacy in a wide range, so that you as a student have the opportunity to put together your ADILT program to suit your needs and personal goals.
Personal goals and benefits you can achieve with the ADILT include:

  • Developing professional skills with regard to data literacy
  • Acquisition of skills regarding a reflective and professional handling of data sources and media
  • Advantages regarding employability (a plus in the CV due to ADILT content, personal engagement and interdisciplinarity of the program)
  • Broadening of general knowledge

Lecture series ADILT - Dates in winter semester 23/24

Program of the lecture series in the winter semester 2023/24

The lecture series will be offered as an asynchronous online event in the winter semester 2023/24. You can view the recorded contributions of a past semester of your choice and write a summary for it, which counts as a proof of completion.

To the registration for the lecture series in ZEuS (please register for ECTS accreditation)

To the lecture series in ILIAS (open to all after login, further details on ECTS accreditation in ILIAS)

To the event recording

For more information, contact the ADILT coordinator in the Biology Department, Dr. Schlotz, and visit the ADILT website.

Courses currently eligible for ADILT credit in the Department of Biology:

Bachelor's program Biological Sciences & Teaching degree

Master programs Biological Sciences & Life Science