Profile and Direction

The main characteristic of the research profile of the Department of Biology at the University of Konstanz, by which it differs from most biological faculties at German universities, is that research activities are focused on a few defined areas.

The three research foci are directed towards addressing the challenges to future basic research:

(1) Molecular biology oriented cell biology, mainly represented by professorships in the areas of biophysics, molecular bioinformatics, molecular microbiology, molecular genetics, cell biology, evolution, neurophysiology, and developmental neurobiology.

(2) Biomedical basic research, mainly represented by professorships in biochemistry, immunology, biochemical pharmacology, molecular toxicology as well as the Doerenkamp-Zbinden Chair for Alternative in-vitro Methods.

(3) Ecology, with the professorships limnology, environmental physics, ecology, microbial ecology, ecotoxicology, evolutionary biology, physiology and biochemistry of plants, as well as botanical ecophysiology.

Links within Biology and to other Departments

The research foci are not exclusive but overlap and complement each other. There are obvious connections between molecular microbiology and microbial ecology, as well as between molecular toxicology and ecotoxicology. Likewise, the contribution of biochemistry, biophysics, molecular genetics, cell biology or immunology to the activities of molecular biology oriented cell biology and the biomedical research focus are welcomed. The Department of Biology also maintains cooperations with other departments, e.g. via biophysics and the neurosciences with the Department of Physics, via numerous biochemically oriented groups with the Department of Chemistry as well as the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, via neurobiological groups with the Department of Psychology and via molecular bioinformatics with the Department of Informatics and Information Science.