Diverse and interconnected research

It is a major concern of ours to make an active contribution to solving current and future social challenges. This includes, for example, elucidating the molecular basis of diseases and aging processes, the effects of climate change and other global change factors, and much more.

The profile of the Department of Biology is based on the following research foci

  • Cellular and Molecular Biology
  • Chemical Biology
  • Disease Biology and
  • Ecology, Evolution and Behavior.

The research activities within these focal points are extremely diverse. Follow the link for our research at a glance!

The research foci do not lie side by side as unconnected blocks, but overlap and complement each other. In addition, the borders are wide open to other departments, for example via biophysics and neurosciences to the department of physics, via several biochemistry-oriented groups to the departments of chemistry as well as mathematics and statistics, via the neurobiological and behavioral biology chairs and working groups to the department of psychology, and via molecular bioinformatics to the department of computer and information science.