The TECAN Freedom EVO Workstation

This page shows you the basic principle of the Workstation components and describes the particular functions.

MultiChannelArm – MCA384:

3 Adapter for MCA:

  • Adapter for 96 DITIs
  • Adapter for 384 DITIs
  • Fixed Tip compound transfer Tool (384)

4 Channel Arm – LiHa:

  • 4 individual channels for DiTi (Disposable Tips) – every channel can individually detect liquid
  • A lower DiTi eject mounted to the arm is important for the elimination of aerosol – together with the disposal waste
  • Washing Station for 4 Channel Pipetting Arm (LiHa)

Robotic Manipulator Arm – RoMa:

  • The RoMa Standard is equipped with eccentric gripper fingers
  • Transport of microplates, reagent blocks, deep well plates, etc.

Carousel LPT220:

  • Storage devise
  • 10 stacks are available with 22 microplates per stack and 7 deep well plates per stack
  • Storage place for DiTi boxes 384 and plates 384, compound plates and assay plates

Active washing station:

  • Wash Fixed Tip Tool with different solvents (DMSO in Water / Water)


  • For dispensing liquids in a microplate

Two Incubators:

  • Temperature range from room temperature to 56°C
  • Shaking function

Other components:

Infinite F500 Reader:

  • For reading microplates 96 well and / or 384 well
  • Software Magellan

Sonification water bath, drying station with compressed air, park position for Fixed Tip Tool, hotel storage for plates, waterbath for cooling and heating the storage station, Te-Shake for shaking plates (not heated)