Liquid is filled into a vessel on the robot

Using Tecan Robot

for high reproducible Assays

Are you tired of repetitive and time-consuming pipetting assays? We can do the job for you. As a new service, we offer economical robot-assisted pipetting assays including time resolved plate reader measurements. In particular we offer the following services:

  • short term or over-night-assays
  • plate-format: 384-well und 96-well
  • time-dependent measuring of plates (absorption, fluorescence, fluorescence polarization etc)
  • option to add solutions at defined time-points to defined well positions
  • cooling and heating system for solution
  • incubators with shaking-system, if needed, are heatable and coolable

Costs: 10€/hour + consumables

The core of the Screening Centre is the TECAN Freedom EVO Workstation (Pipetting Robot) which is used for research purposes exclusively.
Screenings and compound transfers are fully automized, resulting in a faster and therefore more efficient workflow.
Performance is improved and we can transfer even the smallest volume.