The heart of the Screening Robot, the compound transfer tool

More than 91.000 Compounds

are available for your Screening Campaign

The Screening Centre service includes:

  • Assistance in optimizing the laboratory assay for automatization
  • Programming individual workflow programs on the freedom evo instrument
  • Pre-Screening and screening of compound libraries
  • Liquid(s) for the robot
  • Robotic reservoirs

 Researchers have to bring by themselves:

  • Chemicals and reagents for the samples

LibraryNumber of Plates
Number of Compounds
per Library
Type of Compound
ChemBioNet 14816671unknown targets
ChemBioNet2103520unknown targets
ChemBioNet3207040unknown targets
ChemBioNet4155280unknown targets
ChemDiv278298unknown targets
Maybridge299000unknown targets
In House Cpds2675unknown targets
Analyticon Discovery 141000natural cpds
Analyticon Discovery 2165000semi-natural cpds
Biomol ICCB2480known targets
LOPAC41280known targets
Spectrum Collection
72000known targets
Prestwick41120known targets
HKI103740natural cpds

The core of the Screening Centre is the TECAN Freedom EVO Workstation (Pipetting Robot) which is used for research purposes exclusively.
Screenings and compound transfers are fully automized, resulting in a faster and therefore more efficient workflow.
Performance is improved and we can transfer even the smallest volume.

Application Form Screening Centre

Please contact Prof. Thomas Mayer or Silke Müller via phone or e-mail in order to discuss your projects and further details.

After discussion, please fill out the applicationform and send it to Prof. Thomas Mayer.