ERASMUS Coordinator

PD Dr. Sascha Beneke

Sascha Beneke is the Erasmus Exchange Coordinator of the Department of Biology. His task is on one hand to help and support our students that want to go abroad to study in a foreign country or to do an internship in a lab outside of Germany (outgoings). We have partner universities scattered over whole Europe within and outside the EU (Erasmus+ Program Country), and special agreements (Erasmus+ Partner Countries) also with non-European countries. Of note, there are special agreements also with specific Universities all over the world. On the other hand, he will help students from partner universities to find a matching schedule for their interests to prepare their study-time at the University of Konstanz (UKon).

You can find information about these programs on the webpages of the International Office.

In addition, Sascha Beneke work in close coordination with the working groups at the Department of Biology to initiate new contacts with universities worldwide with the focus on enhancing both research and education in a bilateral manner.

If you have any question about going abroad to study, meet new people and immerse yourself in foreign cultures, feel free to contact him by phone (3172) or step by in his office (currently: M1055).