Application Erasmus

Application deadline for ERASMUS study program is the 1st of February for the next study year. Places not taken can applied for over the whole time period.
CAVEAT: Application procedure has been changed! Starting from this Academic Year, applications are centrally organized by the International Office. This is the respective LINK to the websites of the IO, where you can initiate the process! Inform yourself about the procedure in this pdf. You can apply for 4 Partner Universities via a dropdown list. Exchange period (whole year, winter term or summer term) can be freely chosen for each university. Of note: If you want to apply for EUniWell Universities NOT in the drop-down list also, please indicate this in the free-text box. Unfortunately, exchange with these universities can not be guaranteed.

Evaluation Criteria (done by the departmental coordinator)

  • How well are you informed about topics the partner university (PU)?
  • Does the curriculum of the PU fits to your interests & your own curricular needs?
  • How well are you informed about the application process at the partner university (PU)?
  • How detailed is your application in regard of course numbers / time / content?
  • If you plan an internship: are there contacts to work groups or is there already a consent?

For more information about the ERASMUS Program, for Application Procedures, Deadlines and Studying in European Countries please check the website of the International Office (IO) / ERASMUS.