Going abroad

Erasmus Auslandsstudium

Der Fachbereich Biologie pflegt Partnerschaften mit verwandten Fachbereichen an Europäischen Hochschulen. Studierende und Doktoranden der Fächer Biologie und Life Science können dort bis zu zwei Semester studieren oder in Arbeitsgruppen Forschungsprojekte durchführen. Das Angebot richtet sich je nach Universität an Studierende im Bachelorstudium, Masterstudium oder Promotionsstudium. Zusätzlich zum Lehrveranstaltungsangebot der Gasthochschule werden Sprachkurse und oft günstige Wohnheimplätze geboten. Neben einem kleinen monatlichen Stipendium erhalten die Studierenden Unterstützung bei der Organisation des Aufenthaltes.

Erasmus Placement

Erasmus Placement is the program that addresses all of our full time students and graduates, who will be doing an internship abroad somewhere in Europe. You first have to find a potential supervisor in any Higher Educational Institution, Research Institution, or Company who agrees to host you. Once you provisionally secured your place, application for the Erasmus+ internship funding will not be via Universtity of Konstanz. You have to apply via KOOR/BEST, which is located at the Hochschule Karlsruhe and coordinates the Erasmus Placement program in Baden-Württemberg. You can apply continuously, but you have to hand in/upload your application forms with all signatures at KOOR/BEST at the latest one month before the start of your work placement.

Internship Abroad

The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE) is an international, non-political, independent organization sending students on internships to over 80 countries worldwide. The IAESTE Local Committee Konstanz provides technical internships abroad for students in the region of Constance in all technical and scientific disciplines. Students must be enrolled at their home institution during the time of the internship. There are places in both the industry and at research institutes. Most IAESTE internships last 2-3 months, and often take place in the summer months. Internships for up to 12 months are less frequent but possible. The internships are usually paid, the credit is calculated according to the typical cost of living. The IAESTE local committee of the host country is responsible for the trainees to find accommodation and carry out all necessary formalities. This service is free for enrolled students in Germany. This is made possible by the inclusion of the IAESTE program in the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

Interested in working abroad? Find further information at www.iaeste.uni.kn.