Priority Track: Cellular & Molecular Biology

Pre-tailored curriculum combining courses with a focus on cellular and molecular biology


Insights in physiology and medicine, but also basic understanding of life's processes has been made possible by progress in cellular, molecular and structural biology in the past decades. These research areas are synergistic with each other, and benefit from interdisciplinary knowledge transfer from Chemistry and Informatics. Cellular biology studies the fate and function of selected proteins and the mechanisms involved in the control of fundamental cellular pathways. Molecular and structural biology identify, characterize and describe macromolecules at the molecular and atomic level, allowing to understand their functions and interactions.

As result of this approach, Master students in CELLULAR and MOLECULAR BIOLOGY become familiar with current concepts, possibilities and limitations of research approaches in the fields of biochemistry, genetics, and biophysics as applied to macromolecules. There is considerable overlap with the Master studies "Life Science" which has more emphasis on Organic Chemistry.

The departments of Biology, Chemistry and Informatics together founded the graduate school "Chemical Biology" which is one pillar of the status of Excellence awarded to the University of Konstanz. CELLULAR, MOLECULAR and STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY are among the central research topics of its members who work in an interdisciplinary environment on their doctoral projects.

By admission to this priority track, attendance of two core modules are granted, and required.This priority track is tailored specifically as training for the following graduate school at the University of Konstanz: Konstanz Research School Chemical Biology (KoRS-CB).

The Speaker of this track currently is: Martin Scheffner