General Track: Biological Sciences

Tailor your individual curriculum and select the best-suited package for your future ambitions


Aim of the masters-level course is to prepare the students for an academic or non-academic career pursuing basic science (i.e. Doctoral research/ Ph.D.), the pursuit of applied research in a biotechnology or industrial setting as well as the ability to work for service providers (e.g. "consulting firms" or "environmental agencies") requiring a solid expertise in biological topics and the general natural sciences. For each student, the course of studies is individually adapted so as to best match their specific interests while also taking into account advice provided by the lecturers of the Department of Biology. In addition to extending their subject-specific theoretical and experimental knowledge, the students are also expected to expand and refine their abilities in other areas, such as developing additional competences in methods, communication or socially relevant topics. To this effect, the Department of Biology and other departments of the University of Konstanz offer a variety of elective modules the student can select from.