Priority Track: Disease Biology

Pre-tailored curriculum combining courses with a focus on disease biology


Further progress is required the understanding of human diseases, and the use of such knowledge for preservation of human health as well as the prevention and treatment of diseases. A detailed understanding of the molecular mechanisms of disease biology will form a rational basis for improved diagnostic procedures, improved treatment of patients and improved disease prevention. This goal can only be reached by performing high-quality scientific research that is based on the most advanced methodology available. While medical students have a very good background concerning the relevance of the research questions and the implications of molecular findings for diagnosis and treatment, they mostly lack a structured hands-on laboratory training to tackle molecular research questions. In contrast to this, biologists are ideally positioned by their training to take up this research challenge. Therefore, the demand for young biologists with background knowledge of disease biology and experience in biomedical research is very high.

Our priority track DISEASE BIOLOGY provides students of Biological Sciences or Life Science with all the knowledge and laboratory skills necessary for a successful career in this big and dynamic field. The teaching within our priority track DISEASE BIOLOGY provides a background on diverse hot topics in biomedical research. According to the local strengths of the department of Biology in Konstanz, the focused courses are mostly covering the fields of immunology/infections, cell death mechanisms, toxicology, and stem cell research. Further areas covered theoretically and practically include medical microbiology, cancer research, neurodegenerative diseases, bio-gerontology as well as advanced molecular and systems biology approaches to cell signaling and proteostasis.

This priority track is a good preparation for the PhD graduate school: Konstanz Research School Chemical Biology (KoRS-CB), at the University of Konstanz, or other graduate programs in the biomedical area.

By admission to this priority track, attendance of two core modules are granted, and required.

The Speaker of this Track currently is: Marcel Leist