Workshops and Think Tanks

CAAT-Europe organizes 2-4 workshops and think tanks per year on various topics, normally including 10 - 20 experts. The experts are leading scientists, regulators, representatives from pharma, chemical, cosmetic or food industry, as well as animal welfare organizations. They come together for 2-3 days to discuss a certain topic and find solutions and recommendations. The expected outcome is a workshop report, normally published in ALTEX. 

Information Days / Symposia / Public Expert Consultations

To spread the message of 3Rs and in vitro methods further, CAAT-Europe organizes at least one public information day a year. Leading experts in the field are informing about their latest research or developments. Information days are not only informative and highly valuable to increase knowledge, they are also a great opportunity to network and start cooperations.  

CAAT-Europe Policy Program

The CAAT-Europe policy officer informs the members of the parliament (MEPs) about the topics of 3Rs, in vitro methods, toxicity testing in the 21st century and many more topics, they have to vote on. As most of the MEPs are not having a scientific background, this is considered to be a valuable contribution in many decision processes.

NAM-ACCEPT project

Research and harmonization activities to promote acceptance of advanced animal-free new approach methods (NAM) and data therefrom in different stakeholder communities