Recent findings

What have we found recently? A short impression is given in five sentences:

(ref 1): Data mining in concentration-dependent transcriptome data yielded biomarkers that distinguish cytotoxic responses from developmental toxicity.

(ref. 2): Transcriptome profiling has a high promise for developmental toxicology, but only if it can be quantified. We have pioneered here a first approach towards this.

(ref. 3): The good, the bad and the ugly of astrocytes in their interaction with neurons - they can actually be neuroprotective or neuro-damaging, and we identified how neurons can be protected from inflammatory astrocytes.

(ref. 4): Protein drugs that are specific for human receptors are hard to test in animals. We identified here a new potential hazard of the multiple sclerosis drug IFNß in a human cell-based test.

(ref. 5): Conversion of astrocytes to neurons cold be an approach to regenerate brain functions. For murine cells we found one way to generate neural stem cells and even neurons from differentiated astrocytes.

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