Courses taught by Prof. Leist last semester

Title Type Number
Alternative in-vitro Methoden supervision of research theses
Alternative in-vitro methods (Seminar for Master and PhD students: Leist lab) seminar BIO-12920-20162
Einführung in die Medizin lecture course BIO-14210-20162
Journal Club: Alternative in-vitro Methods seminar BIO-13130-20162
Pharmakologie und Toxikologie III lecture course BIO-14160-20162

Courses taught by Dr. Schildknecht last semester

Title Type Number
Evaluation of Pharmacological and Toxicological Data sets lecture course BIO-14220-20162

Courses taught by Dr. Daneshian last semester

Title Type Number
EU-ToxRisk Winter School on Regulatory Toxicology course BIO-14550-20162