General Track: Biological Sciences

Advanced Courses:

Research group Advanced Course Semester
Becks Theoretical and Experimental Ecology and Evolution 1st half summer
Brunner Biochemical Pharm­a­cology 1st half summer
Crofoot, Wikelski Going Wild: Behaviour and ecology of animals 1st half summer
Isono Physiology an­d Biochemistry of Plants 1st half summer
Kroth Physiology, Ecology and Molecular Biology of Algae 1st half summer
Meyer Molecular E­volutionary Biology 1st half summer
Müller Developmental Biology 1st half summer
Amelio System Toxicology 2nd half summer
Bahl, Kleineidam Behavi­oural Neurobiology 2nd half summer
Deuerling Molecular ­Microbiology and Cell Biology 2nd half summer
van Kleunen Global Change Ecology and Plants 2nd half summer
Peeters Dynamics of Aquatic Systems 2nd half summer
Scheffner,Stengel Biochemistry 2nd half summer
Basler, Schmidtke Immunology 1st half winter
Couzin, Jordan Collective Animal Behavior 1st half winter
Dietrich Human and Environmental Toxicology 1st half winter
Epp Environmental Genomics 1st half winter
Gruber Applied Bioinformatics for Studying Health and Disease 1st half winter
Mayer Molecular Genetics: Cell cycle regulation - from mechanisms to disease 1st half winter
Core Facilities

Advanced Course Advanced Technologies for the Life Sciences

1st half winter
Hauck Cell Biology - Cell Adhesion and Signal Transduction 2nd half winter
Leist Novel in vitro methods in Pharmacology and Toxicology 2nd half winter
Mayans, Bioinformatics and X-ray Structural Analysis 2nd half winter
Schleheck Microbial Ecology and Limnic Microbiology 2nd half winter
Spiteller Chemical Ecology

2nd half winter

Voolstra The role of microbes in stress response and resilience of aquatic metaorganisms 2nd half winter