Erasmus+ Restplatzvergabe

Jetzt noch kurzfristig für WiSe2024/25

An alle Erasmus-Interessierten,

nachdem das reguläre Verfahren abgeschlossen ist, sind noch Restplätze zu vergeben. Bewerbungen für das WiSe 24/25 nur noch beschränkt möglich. Eine entsprechende aktuelle Liste findet sich hier.

Das Bewerbungsformular findet sich unter der Rubrik "Outgoing => Bewerbung".

Bitte Bewerbung an:

Sprachkurs Catalan für Austausch mit Spanien/Katalonien

Did you know that Spain is a fascinating blend of languages and cultures? How much do you know about the vibrant Catalan-speaking regions in the country? With approximately 10 million speakers, Catalan serves as the primary language for daily life in Catalonia, Valencia, and the Balearic Islands.
Exploring the Catalan language and culture will not only be incredibly useful for unlocking authentic experiences if you ever find yourself in Catalan-speaking regions, but will also allow you to delve into the true essence of Spain and to better understand its contemporary society. If you already have a background in Spanish, Italian or another Romance language, you will find that you can quickly grasp the basics of Catalan and make remarkable progress in a relatively short time. In addition, our small groups provide an efficient and warm learning environment. Discovering Catalan will open up new perspectives and personal experiences that will surely surprise you!
If you want to learn more about Catalan, you will be more than welcome to join our courses for the next semester:
- "Katalanisch I": Mi, 11.45 – 13.15 Uhr
- "Katalanisch I" (Kompaktkurs): 2. – 5. April 2024, 9.15 – 17.00 Uhr
- "Katalanisch II": Di, 15.15 – 16.45 Uhr
- "Introduction to Catalan Language and Culture" (special hybrid Kompaktkurs): Fr, 12.04, 19.04, 26.04, 24.05, 21.06; 9.15 – 13.15 Uhr. (We can be flexible about the dates and the schedule.)
Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns about the courses ( 

Masterarbeit in Barcelona

Am CRG Barcelona (Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) | PRBB; AG Prof. Ben Lehner) wird derzeit nach interessierten Studierenden für eine Masterarbeit im kommenden Herbst bzw. Wintersemester gesucht, Bereich Protein-Biophysik. Im Flyer gibt es nähere Informationen.

Internship Cyprus Wildlife Research Institute

Interested in an internship on Cyprus?
See the following email for information (University of Konstanz is not liable for external content):

"My name is Dominika Knazovicka and I am an employee of the Cyprus Wildlife Research Institute (, a nonprofit nongovernmental organization established in Cyprus with a focus on the protection of local species and habitats. We are contacting you because we would like to offer your students a unique opportunity to join our organization for a practical traineeship. In the attachment below, please see the Catalogue of Internship placements that are offered by our conservation organization for the year 2024. These placements are especially suitable for students and graduates of programs related to biology, ecology, environmental protection, animal care, nature management, veterinary medicine, social media, and media production. A full list of our current programs can be reviewed following the link: 
I believe that many students from your University would be interested in going on an internship abroad, but they may not know where to find a hosting institution and how to apply for such placements. The general information about our current placements, requirements, and other details are summarized in the catalogue below and on our volunteering web pages. We are currently preparing new internship programs (such as Monitoring of donkeys, or Bird nest boxes) so it may be useful for the students to regularly check our web pages. I would like to kindly ask you to pass the information about our internship programs, including my email address, to your students. I will be very happy to personally answer all their questions and requests.
Kind regards,
Ing. Dominika Knazovicka"

International Summer School Universidade da Coruna

Interested in attending the Summer School at the University of Coruna?
Find here some information (University of Konstanz is not liable for external information):

"Greetings from Universidade da Coruña,
This mail is to inform you that Universidade da Coruña has published the CALL FOR SCHOLARSHIPS to attend the INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL 2024.
The ISS 2024 will take place from 15th to 26th of July.
These scholarships will cover tuition fees, accommodation, and meals in a university hall of residence (during ISS period -14th and 27th July included-). Travel expenses are under your own responsibility.
Please check the details on
Those students who do fulfill the requirements for these scholarships but, unfortunately, are not selected, may be beneficiaries of a discount. Take this opportunity and have a look at our wide variety of courses:
We will be very grateful if you can share this information with your universities contacts.
Thank you!
Universidade da Coruña - International Summer School - 
O Lagar, Campus de Elviña,  15071 A Coruña, Spain
Rebeca Eiroa ☎ +34 881011951